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  1. Works just fine. Has a few weird quirks in relation to banks and which one it chooses.
  2. Got 99 FM using this bot over a year ago. No ban.
  3. Script has worked well. Had a couple of issues where at times it bugged out but have no idea how or why. Nothing major though. I happy walk away from it.
  4. Been using the OG for sometime. I haven't run it on every course. However it has run very well and I have no complaints. Would recommend. After update though it's not collecting pyramid tops while doing agility pyramid it just keeps doing laps. It seems to be clicking the Jump gap option, through the wall that you would normally climb if that makes any sense. I'd love it if this could be fixed. If you want further information or I can help you solve this issue don't hesitate to shoot me a PM. Thanks for your work again.
  5. Working Wonderfully. Very easy to use. I know it says it in the first post but there might be other people out there who are retarded like myself. START THE BOT AT CLANS WARS BANK. I kept starting it at barrows and it would tele to clan wars and shutdown. @Netami I know you are working on an update at the moment and this might already be included but a way to toggle the status,progression,timer etc off the chat box would be greatly appreciated. Also something to note is that if using avas and the final brother is Ahrims and using a range setup that includes avas I had an arrow go into my inv and that messed things up a bit. I had to intervene and deposit the arrow. It was stuck trying to withdraw pray potions.
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