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  1. Thanks! That would save me. I really need this after a lot of wasted time. I'm glad to beta test for you. Keep us posted. Thanks!
  2. It's not multi client, although I normally don't have problems with multi client before. This is what the OP said in his forum:
  3. My paint delay is 0 by default in File > Settings
  4. 2 fps!! It is at 2. It's suppose to be 29 to 35 which is my norm. My PC should handle any script.
  5. Hi, Can someone tweak the script to make it run better? It is laggy. I can provide account, and can pay. This is the one: Open source: https://github.com/Boethig/Tribot/tree/master/POHplanks
  6. For some reason it will be blank items at times.
  7. I bot for a fixed amount within several hours. However now I want to hand play which is chinning skeletons. Safe to do this 15 hours straight with some breaks?
  8. I have a random question. Your script seems to run for 5-10 hours without lag, is there a reason for that? Is the RAM use very low or something? I been using other mostly free scripts and they eventually lag on LG, so I restart them again every 1.5 hours.
  9. Hello, According to https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Blast_Furnace, I used the lightness outfit with stamina potions, and ice gloves. the average is 5000 to 5100 steel bars per hour. I only produced less than 1800 an hour in the trial. Is this normal?
  10. I think there's a bug. When I ran it, there is a constant camera spin when resetting aggression, so I had to rerun it. It happened on 2 different accounts, and the hooks.dat and the jagex cache was already deleted. https://pastebin.com/AiggT7ci
  11. I was on trial, but don't see the GUI anywhere to set it. I started script near Rimmington portal with only a note of bones. Idle.
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