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  1. Minimum 2 years if you quit your fulltime job and are motivated by the idea of earning <$100 a day of highly intense coding, honestly if you can get to his coding level your going to make way more money with a real job than competing with people in poor countries doing this same thing who are happy to earn far less and have the same skillset.
  2. Would be interested in the source of this if still available
  3. it fails to close equipment menu everything else seems to work and finished tutorial island edit: account was banned shortly after completing, was on a fresh proxy not sure if flagged proxy or what.. going to use same proxy again and complete tutorial manually see if it survives
  4. This is working flawlessly, thank you so much for posting this same time as the new update, fixes everything I need. It just need 1 tiny addition, accountPassword. So we dont have to add the account to tribot at all in the firstplace
  5. Lets say I have a Mining task...should it be endless mining... or a task set of MineOre tasks. And what if i want to keep a record of total Ore Mined... How would you recommend keeping track of that value outside of the shortlived task class, without creating a major spaghetti mess of code.. With this system I currently have.. Mining/tasks/MineOre.java Mining/MiningScript.java Unsure how to convey success/fail information from MineOre's execution to mining script It's really late maybe my mind is just a bit slow Edit: ok think I understand now, fail shouldn
  6. What is the solution to changing a proxy of current client in tribot. I KNOW there is no OFFICIAL API for this. I KNOW there is no OFFICIAL API for this. But there are definitely other ways to accomplish it, care to share?
  7. So unofficial will break, is there an official one in next update? Or there will be no way to start an instance other than GUI interface ?
  8. I just hate depending on third party servers in my operations especially when they decide to do a price hike or go offline out of nowhere. Implementation is simple enough for it to not really matter though so it should be good, it works very well from testing good job
  9. Will it ever support LG ? I am implementing this now but would be good to know that for future plans
  10. Does anyone know if scripts I create for private use are sent to tribot servers or are they entirely private
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