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  1. Can you add 'current level' and 'time till next level' to the paint?
  2. There is one bug I noticed. Sometimes when it climbs down the ladder to go back to the bank, it will start spam clicking the inventory button and just stay like that.
  3. Good on you for making a post req + thanks req rather than just letting people use their parents money for it. Looking forward to the day I am eligible
  4. If this is beta then you should give out a limited # of copies to people so they can help you make it better. No one wants to pay for a script that you yourself admit will have bugs.
  5. very cool. I will test out your script once I have the reqs for experiments. Thanks for making it free!
  6. santal0l

    jFletcher v1.2

    leeching prick. He is putting the script out for free and you bash him like that? People like you are scum.
  7. nah but the original post I quoted with the 2 proggies was by user "raada", who is not even VIP. Then, when a mod asked raada how he is using the client without being VIP, he deleted his post, and then Teeman posted "his" proggies which are the same ones posted by user raada. Just seems odd, that's all.
  8. So you can quit your complaining.. and NOTE: i an running on two accounts. Version 1.04 is awesome! how are you using the 07 client without being VIP? Are you sharing your tribot account with someone else? why are you posting the same progress report twice? why are you posting from two forum accounts? why did you delete your other post? Something seems fishy...
  9. sadly I must stop alching for now. I was breaking even on yew longs earlier in the week, but now that yew logs have gone up to like 500 ea, thats just impossible and I don't really think 94 mage is worth the amount of money I'd lose.
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