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  1. Only getting 1-2 kills / trip (2-3:30 fights) at 99 range 99 mage, am i doing something wrong? 155 mouse speed , eat 65 no veng ahrims/serp karils/blowpipe fury godcape inf boots how are some of you more senior users of the scripts doing? any suggestions for me to improve # of kills/trip or kills/ph
  2. Do people run this without Looking Glass over long periods of time? Been successful?
  3. I have unlimited auth, unlimited time, not worried about that. just getting the accounts and funds together of course waiting for the update. Just need to know if people are using LG with multiple accounts on this script.
  4. about to get back into this! are people who are running multiple accounts using LG for each of those accounts?
  5. As I said, I've pretty much done everything to practice safe botting. I only ran 5 accounts for 12 hours a day. I have 3 different mules that all look like legit players considering they all have barrows gloves and many 99's. I did not sell gold recently. If anyone wants to ask me anything I can be reached @ Infibot.bamf on skype. I will not give away lists. Happy botting. This script and others have earned me a $3,000 gaming setup so I am not frustrated in the slightest with the bans I received. I lasted very long edit: 2,500$ setup
  6. A lot of bans using TAU grand exchange. Lost around 100M-200M total. I definitely turned a profit using the script (bots lasted a long time). Don't know if unlucky or if Jagex is catching on to GE bots. Always bot with caution.
  7. Yes, I was probably just unlucky to receive the amount of bans that I had. I used proxies and practiced every suggestion from Trilez's post about safe botting. Bans are gonna happen, I know its not the scripts fault. Good luck to all
  8. Must be willing to use my proxy through Maxthon web browser. Post your prices here. Add my skype: Infibot.Bamf From Fresh level 3's, including tutorial island. 250K + Bond will be provided. You go first unless decently vouched or we can use a MM.
  9. add my skype, interested in 2 host accounts. Infibot.Bamf
  10. +1 in support of banning ZigZag until paid.
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