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  1. Also having issues world hopping, script just jumps all over the world selection screen never actually picking a world
  2. Yeah it's currently not working on this script as well. This script is great though downtime is rare and when it happen it's working again very quickly.
  3. I saw you removed teleport beta, any idea when it will be added to the regular script?
  4. When do you anticipate teleports being ready? No rush, just want to buy supplies accordingly.
  5. I'd be extremely careful with it. I've been running a farm safely with no bans for awhile now (weeks), tried the new hopping system and had 1 account banned in under an hour. I think part of what makes this script so great is the constant logging out and in, making it hard for Jagex to actually catch you. With the new in-game hopper I assume you stay in the game system, making it easier to ban you? Just my 2 cents, I have no idea. But yeah, be very cautious.
  6. Is it possible to add teleportation support? A few methods would increase in profit if you could use a teleport to get there and a duel ring to bank.
  7. Is there something you need to do on your end to update world hopping? One of my other world-hopping scripts is working fine, but this one still won't hop. Edit: ignore me yet again, just read your message on page 5
  8. No one will give you any items if they actually work. That being said, they are working on detailed instructions to explain each parameter in detail, which should help you a great deal. Just be patient, and in the meantime play around with the parameters and different items, maybe you'll find something great.
  9. Does the script basically go in the order of the offers you've listed in your profile? If so, can there be a randomize option? If I set up a farm using the same profile I don't want all of them doing the same items at once.
  10. I've had this purchased for over a month, I log on to Tribot today and the script is no longer in my script list. It also says on the repository I have not purchased it. Could you help me out with this? Edit: Sorry I'm a dumbass, just realized it's a monthly purchase
  11. Xmouse_data-47680-1419569908112.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419569252566.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419568191530.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419567388055.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419566809501.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419566276395.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419553474506.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419554101188.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419556762832.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419565726174.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419552854390.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419552036792.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419532298844.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419531644064.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419530869353.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419530001477.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419206894321.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419572091957.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419571175278.dat Xmouse_data-47680-1419570470470.dat I might have too many misclicks because I was using a trackpad, let me know which don't work (or if they all don't work) and i'll find a mouse somewhere.
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