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  1. @Wastedbro Hey thank for helping me out. You helped me refine my google search and I was able to get onStart and onPaint working in Koltin TY!
  2. Ok cool thank you for the help that gave me some good info i will figure out how to implement paint in the script class. I think i should be able to figure that out i just was not sure if i was doing it right
  3. Hi I am somewhat new to java/Koltin and the first guide i found on here was how to make a script in Koltin so i thought i would give that a go. I was able to build a very rough first script and i was looking to add paint to see what the bot was thinking more instead of using the logger. I have not been able to find a way to implement paint with Koltin. The onStart and on Exit dont seem to be recognized but that is not a big deal i was wondering if someone could explain how if possible to use paint with Koltin or link open source? Or would it be better to spend my time developing with java?
  4. Are there any plans on making it iron man friendly? I went to run and it need a glory(6) and that will take awhile to get on my iron. Thanks looks like a good script
  5. The button in the worn equipment tab that makes you cat appear behind you. It looks like a whistle.
  6. One thing about this script is that when I use it in re sizable and have a kitten while fishing at the fishing guild, idk if it does it anywhere else, the script freaks out and keeps trying to call my follower but is miss clicking and keeps trying.
  7. Hi I love the script! If I were to make one suggestion it would be when on re sizable if you can see the water bucket when on the west side have it click the bucket instead of on your mini map sometimes.
  8. I also cant seem to get LG to load after the Update that says it fixed it. Thanks for your help
  9. Hi so i'm not sure if this is user error but every time after the bot takes a break in looking glass its stops. I selected my own area for willows NW of bank. TY
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