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  1. I tried to find some software to spoof hardware but didn't find anything good. Deleting the java game and it's cache and re-installing doesn't work either.
  2. I really wonder which file that is. The options are limited, right? Also when I need to re-install everytime I also need to install pycharm, scripts, images, client etc which isn't really nice to do on a 2GB machine
  3. No it isn't on the same VM's. I talked with the staff and they told me I got banned, they just didn't say which type of ban
  4. I managed to change the UUID but sadly it doesn't bypass the ban
  5. Never heard about that one will look into it. Idd that's an option that will work. But the server has around 100 active users (so it's pretty easy to spot bots), if they ban me each 12 hours I need to make a virtual machine everytime. And on the other hand I'm really interested how games can track you
  6. Hello goodday everyone, I know it's a bit odd I'm posting here but there aren't many forums where I can ask such questions. So I'm currently botting on a runescape private server for this I'm using 5 virtual machines, each machine with another IP. Now I got banned on two virtual machines. But when I change the IP-adress with a VPN it's still banned while the other machines are fine. I was thinking about a MAC-ban because each virtual machine has a seperate MAC-adres. But when I change the MAC-adress I still can't bypass the ban. So I was wondering if any of you guys know what type of ban they did on me. It looks like they track that particular virtual machine but how, what data do they have to track? PS: I also can't make new accounts on the banned VM's Thanks EDIT: When I copy the virtual disk file from a "clean virtual machine" everything works fine. Still no clue what they are tracking.
  7. Hello, I'm experimenting a bit with PyAutoGUI. This is a module in Python that you can use to automate mouse movements. I managed to make a few simple bots with it but this is a process you can't run in the background. I mean when you start the script it takes over your mouse so you can't do anything else. Now I'm wondering how tribot does this because you can run multiple clients. Is there a way to achieve this? I need some sort of a box where I can run an OSRS-client in and Pycharm (Pycharm is something like visual studio). I would really appreciate some help, I'm just trying to learn some code. Thanks
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