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  1. Welcome to Stuggles Service Store! Services Offered: QUESTING POWER-LEVELING DIARIES MINI-GAMES (TORSO, VOID ETC.) FIRECAPES ACCOUNT CREATION TO REQUEST BANK ORGANIZATION - (HAVE YOUR BANK SET UP LIKE A PRO) TUTORIAL ISLAND SLAYER HELMS/POINTS & MORE! Competitive Pricing! - Negotiable via Discord DISCORD: Stuggles#5855 T.O.S: 1. You may not log into the account during a service unless you have permission from the owner of the service, doing so will result in the termination of the service with NO Refund. 2. You MUST NOT change the details of the account until the service has been completed, doing so will result in a void service with NO Refund. 3. If there are any items required for the service, it is between you and the service owner to come to an agreement on who covers them 4. You MUST change your password after the service is completed 5. If you have any substantial wealth on the account, it is your responsibility to protect it (Either Bank Pin/Transfer Trade) 6. Once the service is complete you must leave Feedback for the relevant parties involved 7. You MUST Post on the service thread to acknowledge their individual T.O.S and start the service 8. If the Service is requested to be done legit, any T.O.S related to bans/mutes become obsolete (Unless evidence can be provided of prior botting) 9. I won't bot any service, all the work is done by hand & if you get ban after the service it is your responsibility! 10. Payment will be OSRS Gold or PayPal. 11. I have the right to refuse any order.
  2. Vouch for this man. Easy transaction and fast payment. A+
  3. Hello! I'm 21 years old from the UK. I have been playing RuneScape for over 10 years. In the past I have provided several services ranging from the easiest to the hardest of tasks. I have also bought and sold millions of Gold over the years and I also have a great interest in graphics and also have some experience providing graphics to the online community in exchange for Gold/IRL cash. I would consider myself an experienced virtual salesman, gamer and graphical designer.
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