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  1. to all who are suffering from too high performance use while running tribot, Try jdk 16 or 17 instead : https://jdk.java.net/17/
  2. same here i miss Tribot 10 ...
  3. https://github.com/open-osrs/launcher/releases/latest/download/OpenOSRS.jar
  4. hey, im Selling 18M OSRS GOLD for $7. Only paypal. you go first. we can meet in-game first
  5. I think Jagex detect bots in many ways. on a code level, synchronization, In-game internal detection and IP adress once you are logged in. Try open the process in a debugger and you gonna see alot of things going on.
  6. hi, how do i make the bot delay for longer period before dropping full inventory and clicking fishing spot? should i set it too 1 or 10?
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