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  1. Yes, I will go with C# Programming for Unity Game Development Specialization by University of Colorado and I have found this awesome course from here.
  2. Arjunkumar

    C# Course

    Hello All, As of now I am trying to C# programming but didn't find any best course online, Anyone knows any online resource where I can start my journey in C#, Seriously I am so happy if anyone shares some reference to start learning.
  3. Yes, I have checked one list for C# books and I will go with Programming C# 8.0 (O’Reilly).
  4. Hello Everyone, I am looking for C# book and I have 7 months of experience as an C# developer and I want to learn more depth knowledge. Can anyone know the top author’s name for C# book? I have checked on amazon and google but I am confused to choose the right one.
  5. Thanks to share all questions! I have found this blog https://hackr.io/blog/c-sharp-interview-questions to provide list of many questions. Can anyone suggest me is it enough to crack the interview.
  6. Hello All, I am little bit nervous to facing my upcoming interviews. I have good knowledge about C# programming and I wants to know which types of latest question will ask by interviewer. This is my first experience to ask my question in forum. One of my friend was suggested me to put our query in this forum. So if anyone know the some tips and some guideline, it will helps me.
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