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  1. Hello Everyone, Yesterday I have faced written test in my college campus ITM University and I was confused to solve that question which is I'm working on a project where all conversions from `int` to `String` are done like this: int i = 5; String strI = "" + i; I'm not familiar to java and currently using this compiler https://www.interviewbit.com/online-java-compiler/ Is this usual practice or is something wrong, as I suppose? Can anyone suggest me? Thanks
  2. Hello All, I want to know where I can practice a code on daily basis? like same contest or quiz. Currently, I am doing this with w3school and InterviewBit but Can anyone suggest me more references?
  3. Yes, I will go with C# Programming for Unity Game Development Specialization by University of Colorado and I have found this awesome course from here.
  4. Hello All, As of now I am trying to C# programming but didn't find any best course online, Anyone knows any online resource where I can start my journey in C#, Seriously I am so happy if anyone shares some reference to start learning.
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