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  1. If you don't have a cannon wouldn't it be better to use other trolls other than the ones unlocked after fremmy isles?
  2. EDIT: Delete hooks and cache fixed it for me.
  3. If I start the script with holy wrench in inventory it will take it on first trip then second trip it will have banked it.
  4. Script cant start anymore. @Netami [19:43:30] Script Started: Netami's Runecrafter. java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "javafx.stage.Stage.setOnCloseRequest(javafx.event.EventHandler)" because the return value of "scripts.lanapi.core.gui.y.L()" is null scripts.runecrafter.RCMain.run(RCMain.java:161) java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:832) [19:43:35] Script Ended: Netami's Runecrafter.
  5. How can we tell if any of Einstein's scripts still work if they are all locked and still for sale?
  6. Next time you can kill the instance here: https://repo.tribot.org/user_panel/instance_manager/
  7. Yes both fairy rings and ardy cape options @Deathteam10 Did you open the link through the proxy? Sounds like its your firewall tbh.
  8. Its going a strange route back to black demons on my ironman. Instead of using fairy rings its walking for miles. I'll try and catch the log or get a video next time it happens. [17:42:17] [Navigation] Calculating route, this may take some time. Please let the script run, even if it appears to pause. [17:42:22] [Navigation] Path received from server... [17:42:36] Enabled all randoms. [17:42:36] [Returning Home] I successfully arrived at my destination. [17:42:49] [Navigation] Chosen Task Navigation Teleport item: Games necklace(1) [17:42:49] [Navigation] Chosen Banking T
  9. Just tested it. Works really well although I caught it trying to cut an oak outside of the guild. https://i.imgur.com/lGUNCH3.png
  10. Would be great if you could add an option to stop all camera movement. Stuck clicking up and down ardy bank ladder. Lucky I caught it. ForegroundColor[250,188,0][18:00:42] [ScriptAction]: We got stuck upstairs.. unstucking ForegroundColor[250,188,0][18:00:47] [ScriptAction]: We got stuck upstairs.. unstucking ForegroundColor[250,188,0][18:00:51] [ScriptAction]: We got stuck upstairs.. unstucking ForegroundColor[250,188,0][18:00:55] [ScriptAction]: We got stuck upstairs.. unstucking
  11. Worldhop on an other player speaking on the course would be brilliant.
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