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  1. Here comes the Week 3 of RS 20th Anniversary, Celebration of Minigames! During this week, you could enjoy double minigame currency, free RS Clue Scroll and more. Celebration of Minigames with 2x rewards The Week 3 of RS 20th Anniversary “Celebration of Minigames” is active from January 18th to 24th 2021. During this period, you could enjoy double thaler and double currency for the following minigames: Barbarian Assault Brimhaven Agility Arena Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza Castle Wars Conquest Dominion Tower Fight Cauldron Fight Cave Fight Pit Fist of Guthix Flash Po
  2. The annual Halloween event has come this year! Until Nov. 4th, help Rick in OSRS Halloween event 2020 to gain the magical pumpkin OSRS and other Halloween rewards. OSRS Halloween Event 2020 walkthrough 1. To start OSRS 2020 Halloween event, head to the woods south-east of Draynor Village and talk to Rick. 2. Enter Rick's room via the orange portal on the north side of the Wizards' Tower. 3. Search the bed and get the Rick's box. The answer to the riddle is 4, and you can get the Rick's head upon solving the riddle. 4. Bring the head to Rick. 5. Talk to Wizard Mizgog on the 2n
  3. This week sees the release of RS Sins of the Father miniquest. Here is a Sins of the Father guide to help you complete this new miniquest. Sins of the Father quest requirements The new miniquest RS Sins of the Father was released on September 14th. To do this miniquest, players need to reach at least one of the following requirements: 85 Crafting 85 Runecrafting 85 Smithing 85 Invention How to complete RS Sins of the Father? 1. Talk to Mr. Mordaut at the Anachronia base camp. 2. Talk to Eliza or Alpheus south of the lodestone. 3. Exit Anachronia base camp
  4. The latest Treasure Hunter promotion, RS3 Loot Duels, has been active in game for limited time. Until Aug. 31st, take part in this TH promo to enjoy chests and more prizes. When & how to join in RS Loot Duels? As the latest Treasure Hunter promotion, RS Loot Duels is active now and will run until August 31st, 2020. During this TH promo, five usual chests on the interface are replaced by two. When one chest is opened, both chests will change and be replaced by new chests. New bonus bar for RS Loot Duels 2020 This time a bonus bar is added to Treasure Hunter, filling and
  5. Players are able to create the new mythical max cape after the update. Read the details below to learn how to make this cape. Create the new mythical max cape OSRS The mythical max cape is a new cape available after the update on July 2nd. The mythical max cape can be created by using a mythical cape on a max cape. The mythical cape can be purchased from Jack at the Mythical Cape Store on the top floor of the Myths' Guild for 10,000 coins.. The max cape is sold by Mac on an island west of the Warriors' Guild. How to use the mythical max cape? When the mythical max cape is c
  6. It has been revealed that RS ancient summoning will be rebalanced with the update this month. Read the details below to learn what will happen in game. RS ancient summoning rebalanced soon According to the recent official news post, the develop team will be rebalancing RS ancient familiars with the recent update. After the adjustment, more Binding Contracts will be made, and more pouches will be created. The price of the scrolls will eventually be lowered. Details of RS ancient familiars rebalance Here is some detailed information on RS ancient summoning rebalance: 1. Aft
  7. OSRS Sins of the Father is a new Master quest released with the Darkmeyer update. Here is our guide containing Sins of the Father puzzle solution, Vanstrom Klause fight strategies and more. Solution to OSRS Sins of the Father puzzle You need to solve one Sins of the Father puzzle (kakurasu style) after speaking to Ivan Strom and crew and clicking on the mausoleum door. When working out this puzzle, add the rows to make the numbers along the right side, columns to the numbers along the bottom. A tip for this Sins of the Father puzzle is to solve both the lowest (1-4) and highest (11-1
  8. The latest Treasure Hunter promotion RS Supernova has been active now. During this TH promo you can obtain RS supreme stars for double Bonus Experience. Participated in RS Supernova until May 25 RS Supernova is the latest Treasure Hunter promotion, running from May 21st to May 25th 2020. When this Treasure Hunter promotion is active, you can pick from three prizes when opening any chests. The first option can be a promotional prize, while the last two ones are regular Treasure Hunter prizes. Obtain RS supreme stars from Supernova During RS Supernova TH promotion, you have a
  9. This month RS membership is offered free to all Twitch Prime members. If you have linked your Twitch Prime and RS accounts, you can claim your free membership right now. Free membership for Twitch Prime members 14 days of free membership is offered to Twitch Prime members from Monday May 11th 2020. If you are the member of Twitch Prime, from this Monday you could log into your Twitch Prime account and redeem your free RS membership. There are different offers from Twitch Prime every month. Here are the free in-game goodies for the following months: Month 3 - Currency pack Mo
  10. OSRS Bounty Hunter has come back with some new contents. Here you could learn details of Bounty Hunter changes and new rewards. Changes to OSRS Bounty Hunter on April 23 The following changes have been made to Bounty Hunter with the update on April 23rd: -All players in the Wilderness are skulled automatically. Skulls feature different designs that reflect the highest tier of Emblem you are currently carrying. -Hotspots now have a shorter, 20-minute cycle. In addition, the hotspot finder will now prioritise single-way combat areas. After a multi-way combat hotspot expires, the
  11. The new skill Archaeology is coming to the game with various new contents. Here is our RS Archaeology guide to help you learn some detailed information on this new skill. Archaeology dig sites unlock requirements Varrock Dig Site (Archaeology Guild) is the main Archaeology hub unlocked at level 1 Archaeology. It features the Archaeology skill's tutorial which will level up you to level 5. In addition, there are five main dig sites to explore in Archaeology: Kharid-et, Infernal Source, Everlight, Stormguard Citadel and Warforge! If you want to learn the requirements and locations of
  12. A curved bone is an item in Old School RS which is dropped by some monsters. Here is a curved bone guide to help you learn how to use this item for OSRS Construction training. How to collect the curved bone OSRS? Curved bones can be dropped by any monster that drop big bones OSRS, as well as Venenatis and Sotetseg. The universal rate of curved bones is 1/5,012.5. What can you do with curved bone OSRS? You can sell curved bones for 2,000 coins each to Barlak, who is a Dorgesh-Kaan cave goblin accessed after the completion of the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. As long as your
  13. The Intermediate Old School quest Zogre Flesh Eaters requires players to venture into the crypts of Gu'Tanoth, an ogre resting ground. Completion of this quest is one of the requirements for Rum Deal OSRS quest. Requirements of OSRS Zogre Flesh Eaters OSRS Zogre Flesh Eaters is an Intermediate quest with the following requirements: Completion of the Big Chompy Bird Hunting and Jungle Potion 4 Smithing 8 Herblore 30 Ranged 30 Fletching 10+ Strength OSRS Zogre Flesh Eaters fast walkthrough 1. To start the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest, talk to Grish located in Jiggi
  14. Come gather’ round and celebrate the end of one wonderful year in Gielinor, and the start of a new one! In January 2020, participate in RS Wintumber Warmer event for various activities with XP boost. Participate in RS Wintumber Warmer from Jan 2 The Wintumber Warmer is an upcoming event scheduled to take place within the Lumbridge Crater, running from January 2nd to January 6th, 2020. What can you enjoy in RS Wintumber Warmer? During the Wintumber Warmer event, the Lumbridge Crater will be home to a gigantic bonfire, where generous players can donate their logs in return fo
  15. According to some players’ reports, OSRS Mobile failed to contact server issue exists when they try to login the game. If you have the trouble logging into the game on mobile with “failed to contact server” message, read the information below to find a solution. OSRS failed to contact server from Dec. 4th Some players have come up against OSRS Mobile down from December 4th, 2019. There is the message saying “Failed to contact server. Please check your Internet connection.” when trying to log into the game, and this issue happens both on iOS and Android according to players’ reports.
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