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  1. It just says something like slayer master buying item. sorry i forgot haha. But its stuck there no matter how many time I restart hmm.
  2. Hi how do i configure the script to use prayer gear or prayer pots thanks!
  3. I didn't input any values, I thought it was automatic and relied on tribot abc2 when I used it previously.
  4. When it gets hit by the cold, sometimes it'll get stuck for example. After eating it doesn't continue chopping, or burning the logs. On the status it'll just say eating, even though its eaten already. When it gets stuck burning the logs (when it gets hit) it won't resume clicking on the pyre immediately, instead the script would just get stuck there while the status says feeding brazier.
  5. It gets stuck while feeding the brazier. I never set it to be idle when it hit 500 points.
  6. Can you implement script stop conditions? That'll be great.
  7. still pretty weird.It waits for the butler to come back before starting to build even though it alr has a full inventory of planks. EDIT: it still uses noted oak planks on the butler
  8. My delay is 0.01x tho, what about when it keeps on using noted planks on the butler instead of talking to him?
  9. oak doors are weird too, it doesn't build 2 doors before the servant comes back, it builds one then unotes even though i can build more. Badly affecting xp rates EDIT: It also uses the noted planks on the butler, when he can just talk to him.
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