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  1. Hey TRiBot community! Saturday we'll be giving away 3 prizes on Facebook. Stay tuned for the contest post on our Facebook Page where we are regularly posting memes, updates, botting tips and most importantly.. memes (I know I said that already but stealing memes from the OSRS meme groups is just too much fun). This contest is all treats and no tricks. Just follow the rules (like the page while you're there, alright?) That is all. Happy Botting!
  2. Hello Tribot community! The team has been working hard at creating better value propositions for the community with the new repository on its way. We have two questions that will help us better serve you: 1. Would you like to see scripts being bundled and sold together at a discount? 2. Which scripts do you think compliment each other best? Cheers! - RileyZ
  3. Hey all! Anybody recommend a good woodcutting botting guide? Maybe one that uses scripts?
  4. Running your First Script Running your first script can be intimidating, we understand. Although users love the over 500 free scripts we provide, it can be overwhelming. You might be asking, what skill do I start with? What makes a script good? How do I know I'm not going to get banned? Well, this blog can be referred to as a reference guide for picking your first script or your next script, in whatever skill or quest you'd like to train. Keep in mind that free scripts have limitations for non-VIP members. Choosing your first script Each of the following scripts have been
  5. Using Break Handler: A Quick Guide For Automating Breaks Similar to the script queue, using the break handler is used to mitigate ban rates. Once you’ve loaded your account, select View > Break Handler and enter your run time, duration and randomness using the following steps: Select the line to enter your break handler information. Do this first or your information will reset. Filling out Run time, Duration and Occurrence credentials Run time: This is how long the script will run before it takes a break. Example: by entering 01:30:00, your bot will run f
  6. Using Account Manager: A Quick Guide for Automated Account Management Adding your RuneScape account info to the client allows you to automate two things: Log you back into the game if you were logged out for some reason. Start the script from the welcome screen. This is because the Account Manager saves your account names, passwords and pins. The Account Manager also lets users: pick a preferred world let the script use your bank pin select which skills you want the TRiBot random-event handler to use experience lamps on The account manager feat
  7. The Quick Guide to TRiBot Success: Knowing your TRiBot Client As a beginner to TRiBot, it is critical to be familiar with the features of the TRiBot Client. All features are added to help decrease ban rates and increase efficiency. The purpose of this blog is to shorten the massive learning curve that comes with botting. Many botters go years without knowing all of the great features of TRiBot, which can often be costly since the goal is usually to bot multiple accounts at scale. The following guide will cover each of the tabs once you’ve downloaded TRiBot. If you haven’t downloaded
  8. TRiBot Repository Basics for Botters The TRiBot repository is where you manage your free and premium scripts and subscriptions. It works using a credit system. Scripts can be sorted by name, category and price, and can be searched by keyword. Along the left side of the repository is your User Panel. Use this to navigate the repository. The following will explain each navigation object. Overview: This is a great place to find out what scripts you have. Purchase Credits: You can purchase credits directly through the repository using PayPal or
  9. Setting up your account The guide will explain how to start botting Old School Runescape® with TRiBot. Create a TRiBot Account Start by registering an account on TRiBot forums Your forum login details will also be used for the TRiBot client. Install Java Development Kit 8 (JDK) *Installing the JDK is no longer needed if you use one of the TRiBot installers. All of the installers are bundled with a JDK which works nicely with TRiBot.* If using the platform independent installer you’ll first need to install Java Development Kit version 8 (JDK8). You can down
  10. The Botter's have spoken! We wanted to try something new out. Rather than suggesting scripts based on user count or what we objectively thought was the best script, we put the power in the hands of the people. For 2 weeks of November, we ran a test contest with the intention of seeing how active botters saw TRiBot, and who stood out among the crowd. We challenged botters to say in one or two sentences why they think a script should be voted as a Botter's Choice. We had some great feedback. Most of which was highlighting the customer service of scripters. One contest entry raved abou
  11. Congratulations to our winners! @cass2186 Script: nRestocker Why: “Naton is the best customer support and constantly updates his scripts. This one in particular has allowed me unmatched automation of my accounts/botting” @cpt ahab Script: nBlast Furnace Why: "It has so many features and settings. The MLM coal bag beta works very well too. Well worth the price, currently have 8 accounts running rune ore and 4 more that can run addy and are a few levels off rune.” @Butta Script: aMiner Why:“Allowed me to make more money than I could have ever thought
  12. Coming in under the wire. We love USA Fighter! Its great when a free script has the same quality as a premium.
  13. Get Familiar With The Login Options So you've signed up for TRiBot and downloaded the client. If not, please see Setting Up TRiBot The following orientation will walk you through what everything on the client user interface does Username and Password: Enter the same login as you did when you signed up in the TRiBot forums Heap Size (MB): The amount of memory a client will use. The larger the heap size, the more memory used, but the higher the efficiency of the bot. For this case the default is set to 386. As a new botter, you most likely won't have to change the heap
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