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  1. Hey ive noticed that the bot isn't using special attack and is putting on the weapon and either not specing at all or right clicks the run energy orb over and over. I've tried with dragon dagger and dragon hally.
  2. Worked great last night then this morning none of the bots want to even start they say starting then end and tell me thanks for using tribot not sure if due to a hot fix update to the game client last night.
  3. Hey I know the game just updated but the bot isn't recognizing the oak plankd im using. When it tries to bank it continues to pull them out even know the invy is full and then when it sends butler for them it says out of planks even know ive got 100k in the bank and a full invy.
  4. Hey just got 77 slayer on my ranged tank so I can make some money from wyverns brutal blacks and gargoyles and decided to try out the free farm on brutal and wyvern but it just gets stuck at bank. I even got it to the brutal blacks and it uses xerics to tele away then just stand there saying its navigating. Not a big deal since I planed to just bot the level but wanted to get use while I still had it.
  5. Can this be used to clean finds for xp lamps? And if so how would I go about doing it.
  6. Ok so I've been using the app for about a day or 2 now on a lower level obby pure working on 55 slayer and tureal is great not having too many issues I just recently started going for the max point method with him and vanaka not too bad either. I do have a few notes, I've noticed it goes to lvl 24 spiders in the stronghold of security witch are harder to kill than say the ones behind lumbridge castle that are lvl 2 or 3. Also would like a custom tureal skip list for those without points. But most importantly would be custom npc selection lists for the bracelet uses.
  7. [03:52:27] [Debug] Found no interactive objects [03:52:27] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ 2696, 3658, 0) -> OBJECT_BLOCKING -> (null [2696, 3659, 0] ) ] [03:52:27] [Debug] Destination close: false (false) [03:52:27] [Walker Engine] Handling Object... [03:52:27] [Object Handler] Detected: [03:52:27] [Debug] Found no interactive objects [03:52:28] [Walker Engine] Randomize(2696,3663,0) -> (2696,3664,0) [03:52:30] [Walker Engine] Randomize(2697,3671,0) -> (2696,3672,0) [03:52:33] [Walker Engine] Randomize(2699,3679,0) -> (2700,3679,0) [03:52:35] [Walker Engine] Rand
  8. Hey it won't go to waterbirth and I have the right click travel option aswell along with it grabbing 5k for the invy setup. Once it gets to the guy for travel it just says null. Would love this option for training as its kind of out of the way less chance of someone reporting acc.
  9. I'm having issues with the repair option im getting less than 1/3 wins for games played it either stands in a corner and does nothing or stands by a cade it already fixed and won't go to other locations in search of more broken ones. Better off pumping blast furnace for str xp than using the bot kinda disappointed but your the only one with baracade option...
  10. Just now starting to use this. Has there been any bans that we know of?
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