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  1. dont do it!! its a mugs game best advice possible
  2. Oo never heard of it .. goodluck
  3. turns out will need to wait then guys!! when i have 100 posts i will make new selling page!
  4. how are you all getting 99s without ban? do you run it when playing main or during certain hours?...
  5. can this cause ban? i lost 2 accs with error on loading not sure if i was just ip flagged or i started client after update?
  6. same 2 accs banned this week.. i bought most expenisve bot available here.. premium scripts... even proxy too
  7. Really? that sucks!!
  8. osrsrazza

    Sell 4 credits

    Selling 4 credits for 8m I only want to recieve cash from main / legit account not from botted accs. As I will be recieving on my main thank you. Pm me here on site for my discord or just give location in message
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