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  1. I activated the trial for this script and started script at the wilderness agility course and when I came back after 2 hours I saw it walked from lumbridge to level 48 wilderness and stood there logging in and out. Before this, I tried to run seers village while high alching and it got stuck within 10 minutes after a failed alch plus trying to click somewhere without rotating the camera properly.
  2. Just used the trial and checked in after roughly 8:30 minutes in it was just stuck at the bank on digsite. edit: still gets stuck without stamina argument and trying to remove null items from bank and often gets stuck trying to click something in the bank its not scrolled to.
  3. Just had two accounts banned that had only been using this. Played on them manually and would take breaks every 1-2.5 hours and didn't run it daily. Scripter also seems inactive/doesn't respond to feedback, bugs, and etc.
  4. You are 100% correct but I don't want this to get off topic about what scripts do or don't work because there are great scripts and a lot of them are running properly. My problem is the amount of scripts which are broken/in need of updates that have inactive scripters or something to that effect.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I use naton's scripts and even optimus pest control and the combat one you mentioned (not the same as tzhaar killer) are working pretty good, but I cannot justify paying money for this service when I can't bot everything that I want to, looking glass is hit or miss (randomly stopped working the other day after working fine for weeks,) and for the most part, scripts and forums are fairly inactive. I am very pleased by your responses and the fact that you didn't take it as me saying fuck tribot because I am not. The scripters like you whom are active and care about their products are the ones I appreciate. I love the scripts I currently own, just not the platform. It's also important to note that I use two separate computers and I've tried a few scripts on different PCs, accounts, settings, etc. Same problems with certain scripts. Even if the scripts aren't entirely broken, I would call a lot of them on the list less than satisfactory at the moment or at least in need of an update.
  6. I apologize for not writing about it, Its hard to find the motivation to try to fix a script you do not own especially when it felt like there wasnt much help (not you in particular.) I will go back and check what I was doing. Also, while you are correct that the trial is a trial, it is a trial for VIPs and part of my decision to become a VIP was (what I thought was) the diversity of scripts and that some categories had two different scripts for the same thing only to be disappointed to find out how many aren't working properly. That being said as well, repeat usage of broken scripts could cause a red flag on an account such as repetitive opening of doors and etc, don't you think?
  7. Why doesn't it support using a cannon yet will supports hopping if there are cannons in your world? I feel like cannon support and green dragons go hand in hand
  8. I've been a tribot user for less than a month and I can't say I'm going to renew my VIP. My problem stems from the inactivity of scripters and the lack of quality control. The fact that there are so many scripts available for purchase that are either completely broken or broken enough that they are a risk to your account is absolutely mind boggling as well as how long they have not been working for. It feels to me like nobody cares. There are staff replies to announcements about new features yet I see little to no policing of scripts which are available for purchase. Just through trials, I have found quite a few busted scripts that are available for purchase. daxCombat AIO - Barely working at all, A lot of features are just flat out broken and there are numerous reports SINCE 2018 on the thread It's an autoclicker on a good day. xHerblore Premium - Extremely outdated and broken, bug reports since February 2019 Optimus Tzhaar Fighter - Doesn't do its job, gets 1 kill and gets broken, numerous complaints over months, no replies. ExNightmareZone - Absolutely broken, numerous complaints since early 2019. Wasted Chopper - Struggles banking and often crashes at draynor village. It seems to get errors often at draynor village. (Mostly/Semi working) Gods Orbs - Doesn't start anymore. Just slows down your game and then makes it unclosable without task manager (recent) Optimus Pest Control - Can get stuck in two different cases, one being a door being half way destroyed can cause it to get stuck trying to open the door and can get stuck climbing up to the top of the watch towers and trying to attack monsters below without a ladder climbing failsafe (still works very well but these are bugs that should be noted.) TL;DR: The lack of updates, variety in scripts, lack of quality control, and lack of support have made me decide to take my business elsewhere after my VIP ends. If something were to change, I'd prefer to use this client but I simply cannot and will not support a business that does not seem to support us back.
  9. Script doesn't start. I hit the start button and it slows down my game and then says its getting 40 mil xp per hour for no reason
  10. Yes, unfortunately. I'm not sure what changed but it just doesn't want to work anymore!
  11. I'm also having this problem. Mine was working just fine a few days ago.
  12. Why is there not a setting for hopping if a world is too crowded or if it isn't getting kills? That's a bummer. I also had problems with it misclicking protect from magic when running to the caves instead hitting hawk eye, it also does not rotate the camera if it is too zoomed in to grab loot and it also misses the edgeville teleport a bit when running from pkers. I would like to see it have faster reaction time on pkers. It seems way slower than human. I also think the progress reports should be a bit more accurate by including the costs of supplies you lose. I died 3 times in 20 minutes but I did get 90k loot. So I should have been on at least -30k but it said I profited 90k.
  13. Works well for me, my only issue is that when it comes to banking and emptying the looting bag, it gets caught in an infinite loop of opening and closing the looting bag. Edit: For rock slugs, it fails to throw the bag of salt to finish them off but highlights it.
  14. It's such a broken and terrible script please remove this from the repository. All it did for me was turn off protect from melee, die, drink pray potions, and log out. I see this is not a rare problem so my question is why is this even on the repository?
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