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  1. Any chance you could lend me your account for testing? I have none with members at the moment. Pm me or skype me
  2. Edit 2 Thanks for the nice feedback, I'm just waiting on a new power supply for my computer then I'll fix it for you
  3. I mean I'm also ex-staff, but my poor rank :'( Damn young me being stupid
  4. I'm confused, you posted in the wrong section, you was directed as to where to post
  5. Thanks To everyone else I died for a bit, but I'm alive now so I'll try and fix some shit up soontm
  6. Sucks to be me, I'm in first year still, I still get the lovely and informative intro to oo lectures
  7. Restart your client. Turn off resizable. Turn off zoom. Restart your client again.
  8. I'll look into it when I have time, getting ready for uni so I'm super busy, sorry!
  9. It costed 4 digits? What did you buy? Tell me pls
  10. How so? I use arrow keys when I'm playing personally
  11. It depends on your ABCL profile whether you do this or not. Some accounts will, some accounts won't, just like real people
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