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  1. Dentist is the author of the vork script. You could probably pm him or join his discord to ask for a spot. Good luck.
  2. Tribot currently doesn't have a quality swamp toad picker.
  3. As the title says. It would be cool to be able to use the bulk launcher in the client to remotely launch clients on others PCs or servers from your main PC.
  4. TRiBot Version: 12.0.15 Description of the bug (be specific): I don't know if I am wrong about this but before you could disable graphics by just minimizing the client and by doing so reduce the amount of CPU usage the client would use. Right now minimizing the client lowers the usage a bit but using client -> Disable graphics + minimizing you can lower your CPU usage by even more (10-20%) more by my testing. How to reproduce the bug: Run bot with and without Disable graphics enabled + minimizing Active Script (if applicable): I currently run nRestocker in combination with op
  5. Hi Encoded. When I pass trawler,4 as an argument the script isn't able to recognize if it receives a piece of the outfit. The paint just says 0/4 even if it gets one as a drop so the script will just keep running untill you stop it manually. Could this possibly get fixed? And if I also may request a feature at the same time, being able to equip fishing outfit pieces as you recieve them would be awesome. Thanks Love, DaAlmyte
  6. Can you pass an argument to run fishing trawler with your script? I can only find arguments for fishing spots in the GUI.
  7. Hi! Thank you for making this script, I have been testing it recently and I have some feedback for you. It would be great if we could start the script when already on the rooftop course. It kinda defeats the purpose of supporting arguments when you still have to manually complete it to get to the ground level of the world yourself if you have had to restart the script/client. It would also be great if the "Stop reason: We detected that we haven't moved in the last 30 seconds, stopping script as a failsafe.." didn't trigger after logging back in again after a break.
  8. Would love to see argument support for this. Maybe just have profile name as an argument for automatically starting the script.
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