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  1. Exactly the same here. LG doesn't work anymore since the new update.
  2. Hey, Great script have achieved many levels using this script. Moving onto tzhaar infernal eel fishing, it cannot find the fishing spot then the script closes. [2020-07-18 06:51:23] null [2020-07-18 06:51:23] java.lang.NullPointerException: null [2020-07-18 06:51:23] at scripts.einsteinsfisher.w.w.v.w.v.G(FishRegular.java:89) [2020-07-18 06:51:23] at scripts.einsteinsfisher.w.w.v.w.v.a(FishRegular.java:128) [2020-07-18 06:51:23] at scripts.einsteinsfisher.w.w.v.w.v.G(FishRegular.java:63)# [2020-07-18 06:51:23] at scripts.einsteinsfisher.EinsteinsFisher.L(EinsteinsFisher.java:178) [2020-07-18 06:51:23] at scripts.einsteinsfisher.EinsteinsFisher.run(EinsteinsFisher.java:96) [2020-07-18 06:51:23] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)
  3. Make sure you've set up the account when you click account manager on the tribot client and make sure its saved. Then when you run a script click start with config and click the account.
  4. Using this script for fishing trawler, runs flawlessly and got me a piece of the outfit on my second game, Thanks!!
  5. Decided to try teaks at ape atoll as a quieter spot. Works good then after about 10 mins just left clicks a teak hovers over chop down and then just stays like. It says it’s meant to be chopping a tree but literally just stand there hovering over chop down option. No error code or anything it is not afking.
  6. Just achieved 99 cooking making wines with this script, flawless.Thank you.
  7. Working pretty well thank you, only issue im having is when it tries to world hop to a bounty or high risk world it does not click to continue on the warning text and instead scrolls through and hovers over different worlds. Thank You.
  8. Load the account and break handler when you start a script. Click the start script with config option or something like that.
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