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  1. i dont recommend proxies or vps try using hand made tut accounts done by ur self aswell to see if there is a problem there as botted tut or brought tuts can be flagged already or flagged when ip swap Jagex have been banning a little more then usually lately from what i have heard it usually comes and goes in waves good luck
  2. Dont use Proxies Unless you 100% need them(mule your gold to an account on your phone ip) Dont use a VPS https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts Money Making Category Dentist Tut Script: https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts/products/g-tut Simple Get what scripts you will need to build your accounts for the money making script(https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts)
  3. @drnor https://community.tribot.org/announcement/75-purchased-scripts-not-showing-up/
  4. ELON

    Elon Quester

    Argument Support(save file name) Grand Exchange Custom Equipment F2P Accounts Supported Build Your Own Quest List CLI Support 20+ Quest Supported Mid Quest Support Death Support ABC2 Small non Obtrusive Paint Advanced Custom Anti-Ban Prayer Support Custom Food Custom Run At, Eat At,Drink Pray At, Drink Stamina At Buy Custom Equipment If Missing Custom Equipment For Each Quest Attack STyle Support For Each Equipment File Buy All Items On St
  5. ELON

    Rewie's Romeo&Juliet

    @fabio This Script Is Out Dated use my Free Quester-V2 it includes Romeo & Juliet and much more script Link : https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3598
  6. sad to see this script go man i will miss it has been very useful at times and i always had low ban rate with it aswell and 99% of the time it worked flawlessy hopefully you got a pretty penny for it eager to see your next project
  7. Keyboard.typeKeys('2'); is what your looking for @testing1 that presses enter everytime after typing the keys pretty sure he doesn't want that
  8. 1) Snippets: [Source] (Link to thread) none2) Tutorials: [Source] (Link to thread) none 3) Randoms/updates submitted: [Source] (Link to thread) none 4) Scripts available to the public: [Source] (Link to thread) https://github.com/Elon333/Scripts P.S the GE CODE is not mine and I have just band-aided it for now until I completely re write my own 5) Short biography / Coding Experience: [1-2 short paragraphs] I started learning how to code about over a year ago completely self teaching my self everything from scratch since then I have been constantly c
  9. has he released it yet don't see link? think its still under devolpment
  10. na don't think there is anything for it but you can use Mouse.drag(start,end,1); to help with building your own
  11. ELON

    Auto Crafter Pro

    @Laniax I can send you some code for this that you could just copy paste in my aio combat uses JFileChooser to load/save different files with a gui if you just wanna copy paste if from there heres link https://github.com/Elon333/ELON-Combat-Aio
  12. were they tut island botted they highly watch that and if using proxies make sure they are residential other then that maybe try a different script good luck
  13. think you should just get your tin foil hat off and just worry about the main things that cause bans but anyway nice theory no way really to prove if it is true or not
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