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  1. @skybsbll913 I will add extra boost pot options in next update (trying to work out a clean way where its still auto and user doesn't need to changed based on weapon using)
  2. Not really you will need super restores, super combat pots, brews balms,manta rays or anglerfish etc... if you have any more questions contact me in discord for faster reply.
  3. it just uses all ether in bank since ether isn't used for anything else & it triggers recharge when empty or below your recharge weapon amount setting in the GUI. Restock amount for range weapon ammo is configured roughly off your restock trips. (amount it buys when restocking) Thanks for feedback.
  4. FLAWLESS WILDERNESS BOSS BOT (ARTIO, CALVARION & SPINDEL) Recommend Stats Artio 85+ Range 79 Magic (Entangle Spell) 45 Prayer Recommend Stats Calvar'ion 70+ Attack & Strength 70 Prayer (Piety Prayer) Recommend Stats Spindel Melee 80+ Attack & Strength 70 Prayer (Piety Prayer) 30 Range Recommend Stats Spindel Range 80+ Range 45+ Prayer Features 2m+ GP/HR Based on Rounded Average From Osrs Wiki Restocking & Selling Loot Muling Advanced Anti-PK (Instant Telepo
  5. @OldNoob Thanks for the feedback Not sure what you mean it doesn't check craws bow charges effectively but it had charges your saying (it will withdraw all ether from bank when recharging since your not using ether on anything else also this is what a human would do since you dont lose it on death) it will prioritize loot over 50k dropping supplies for it etc... Other wise it just picks it up from whats on top pretty sure the loot order goes of high Alch value (i will improve this logic slightly)
  6. @jack23 I am sorry your account got banned but the script wouldn't of caused a ban that fast. There would of had to be other variables.
  7. @yoyi4001 Thanks for the report this is fixed now.
  8. UPDATE Custom Names Tut island support Added (Overrides My Generated Custom Names) Ghost Ahoy Quest Added (beta)
  9. Suggest checking out my discord channel forums are not very active. Can join my discord by clicking the discord icon at bottom of my posts.
  10. @Hot Grannys yes the default settings range are a good starting point just need to set your gear. Once you have an idea of the boss & script tweak it to your liking. There is essentially two inventory builds you can do one that focus on mainly food and brings divine combat pots or one that focus on mainly bringing brews & super combat and saving food for critical phases.(default is brews) P.S I suggest setting up Discord Webhooks it will give you a message on what supply you run of mid fight causing teleport out can use this data to tweak your inventory if you want so you don't ha
  11. No sorry only options for payment are the ones in the store. Looking into this its meant to leave enough if you are using them. Also if you dont want it to sell them at all remove them from the sell/loot list in advanced options tab (fixed)
  12. @Park0 Hey your Fps is a bit low & ping is a bit high i recommend over 30 Fps for this boss & under 150 Ping it will make the script perform a lot better if your able to do this and thanks for the feedback.
  13. hey thanks for the report. Fixed please restart mule & lava dragon clients.
  14. UPDATE V1.9 Shadow Hands Tracker Improvements Various Bug Fixes & Fail Safes Script Time Outs Now Automatically Get Sent To Me Ghost Thrall Support New Discord Webhook Options & Image Support
  15. Hey thanks for the report recent update I pushed half n hour ago broke the script if were using manta rays sorry for the inconvenience its all fixed now just restart script.
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