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  1. Minor Update - Looting Bug fixed + improvements Looting improvements Includes : Bug Fixed Will now loot if in combat No longer Case Sensitive Will now only loot items in your combat area @ibeefa
  2. @ibeefa Thank you for the feedback There is a option in the GUI to not dismiss randoms try turning that off and randoms are handled by tribot code not scripters code it will never try and do the random will always dismiss is like that for every script on tribot I will take a look at looting thanks for letting me know and ill remove the case sensitivity so cases dont matter just forgot to do that for version 2 and no this script didn't go premium
  3. @cannedsplam no sorry i didn't plan on adding arguments unless script goes premium i will think about it but i wasnt gonna add arguments to my quester script until that went premium but i did anyway how are you finding the script anyway how is progressive tasking system and everything working since u can change every setting between task with progressive tasking system not sure if i coded/tested to handle every situation possible i think i got most of them but like script will pick up the cannon before ending task if using cannon will eat food if it doesn't have room if it doesn't have fo
  4. ELON

    Elon Quester

    UPDATE Romeo & Juiliet Goblin Diplomacy Improved Stamina Potion & Activate run at Handler New Stam & activate run at options in Gui Quest list organised into f2p - p2p Bug Fixes Minor Antiban Minor Pathing improvments
  5. ELON

    Elon Quester

    Minor Update F2P Improvements Fixed Dax Walker No Valid Path Bugs
  6. ELON

    Elon Quester

    Minor Update Imp Catcher Quest Added Minor update to GUI Some unnecessary debug print lines removed Options Tab Turning Off Music Fixed
  7. ELON

    Elon Quester

    MAJOR UPDATE ELON QUESTER V2 RELEASED UPDATE INCLUDES: Argument Support - F2P Support For F2P Quests Custom Equipment Can now be individually assigned to each quests(custom weapons now also supported) New GUI New PAINT Build Your Own Quest List Prayer support updated is now optional Massive Anti-ban updates -Ge Code Updated All Supported Skills Removed Bug Fixes -Safe spots added -AND MUCH MORE
  8. ELON

    Elon Quester

    thank you for the bug report @Ras Tafari i am almost done with version 2 of this script a fix is already in that version for this problem i am expecting to release version 2 with in the next week will include a fix to your problem at the same time sorry for the inconvenience
  9. @WaterFiler Thanks for the feedback sorry there is no open source for version 2 i need to change the forum tittle
  10. @Ras Tafari you haven't filled out the GUI correctly it wont start unless most of it is filled out it will say what setting your missing in the client logger click this button on the tribot client if you dont see your client logger ill make it so in the GUI if a setting is wrong when you press start instead of just a print line to client debugger the box border color of the setting changes to red from black to make it easier for new users that wont be out until this weekend anyway for now you can just use the client logger to see what setting your missing in the gui if you still conti
  11. UPDATE V2 Released - Progressive training(completley change training method automaticlly to location,gear,attack style ect....) - Safespotting - Paint Update Coloured Tiles (ex: your combat area in game all tiles will be high lighted green / safespot tile highlighted blue ect....) - World Hopping - Cannon support - AND MUCH MORE see first post for more details
  12. @Adr1xas yeah i have a massive update planned for this weekend that includes safeSpotting
  13. ELON

    Elon Quester

    i haven't pushed that update yet sorry been working on other projects and busy with work @Dabble @scriptoboy join my discord channel to stay updated on what i am currently working on to join just click the discord icon below support on all my forum posts or GUI
  14. ELON

    Elon Quester

    @ImSys Ty for feedback next update coming is huge been working on it for a while it includes all those things and much more should be out this weekend or next depending how busy work gets
  15. ELON

    Elon Quester

    @Cheesey420 Thankyou for feedback, Yeah that has already been changed will be released with the next update that I'm currently working on for the script it will use a custom entered price alot faster if it fails to buy the item by just increasing the price with the button a couple of times
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