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  1. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    @ImSys Ty for feedback next update coming is huge been working on it for a while it includes all those things and much more should be out this weekend or next depending how busy work gets
  2. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    @Cheesey420 Thankyou for feedback, Yeah that has already been changed will be released with the next update that I'm currently working on for the script it will use a custom entered price alot faster if it fails to buy the item by just increasing the price with the button a couple of times
  3. this combat script is being merged into my nmz quester which is being turnt into a AIO Quester / Skiller iron man support for looting is still on the to do list just pushed back a bit P.S. i dont know if i will update this script with iron man support when i add it to the other script i recommend joining my discord to stay update on the scripts to join just click the little discord icon under SUPPORT in my posts
  4. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    What would you like to see added next? 1. F2P Support for the few F2P Quests 2. Another nmz boss quest 3. Major Antiban update 4. Argument support & minor Antiban updates
  5. ELON

    ELON FireMaker

    ty for letting me know ill get that fixed and im adding abc 2 delay aswell will be able to turn it off in gui if you dont want to use it next update will be out sometime this week @Jonazun
  6. yeah i can add that is this for iron man btw? @Jonazun
  7. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    Minor update daxwalker key reverted back to free key minor anti-ban update to how chat is handled and some other minor changes
  8. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    @alluk Thats Error from DaxWalker engine i may need to update to the most recent Version thanks for letting me know ill push that update in the morning when i get up i have some minor antiBan updates in next update aswell for how you handle chat and the Ge that im working on next time if could put the full debug in a paste bin then post link that would be very appreciated
  9. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    thanks for the feedback @alluk im guesing you selected melee combat style? its should of automatically used magic or range if under 30 strength/attack and if lvls is not high enough for magic or range it goes and trains mage ill take a look at why it didnt do that and im not sure if it goes and does waterfall first if it doesnt ill add it so it goes and does it first if over 20 hp and using melee style and under 30 strength/attack
  10. not currently and i dont plan to add them since it is a free script and allows people to abuse the script with mass accounts
  11. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    @scriptoboy Fixed Thank you for the bug report Join my discord by hitting the discord button in the GUI and post me in there if you want a faster reply next time
  12. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    kk ill take a look again at it later on it should of walked closer to get a better angle it seems like a rare obscure bug since it only happened on one of your accounts and i wasnt able to re-create it from recent testing as well and with no proper debug they are the most enoying to fix @Plebu I am gonna add a screenshot debug to the script this weekend when i get some free time so if script times Out from getting stuck it will screenshot it and save it in your images folder where equipment images for the GUI are stored it should help with getting those bugs that arent easy to re-create fixed faster P.S script will automatically timeOut and end if gets stuck for like 8+ minutes
  13. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    proxy 6 are recycled data centers proxy i highly dont recommend them on and on that waterfall bug are you useing the new tribot client old tribot has some camera view port issues that can cause this @Plebu and since you baby sat it the whole time did you notice any improvements you would want done the gui provides a good amount of customization that can help with bans try increasing your break times in the gui using custom gear etc.....
  14. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    @Plebu sorry to hear you got banned did all accounts get banned or just that 1 jagex manual bans certain things sometimes maybe got unlucky or maybe the bug triggered the ban unfortunately and could off been banned from something else on the account was tutorial island hand done maybe proxy is flagged etc...... if you run some more accounts through would love some more feedback on ban rates let me know how it goes
  15. ELON

    Nmz Quester

    Minor Update Death support Fixed @Plebu thank you for letting me know seems like one of the chat options changed or i messed up one of the strings in the recent update to death support
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