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  1. @osDude its not supported same as iron man please message me your order number and ill request a refund for you
  2. Update V2 Escaping Anti-Pk Support Added Pvmer Detection Improved Protection Prayer Depending On Pker Attack Style Added Improvements To Anti-Pk Speed in edge case situations Anti-Pk Utilizes logging out and changing world in logout screen if worlds are loading Frozen by Pker & Attack Pker Back Support Protect Melee Support When Traveling And Near Dragon Anti Fire Support Mule At Profit Mule Out Of Gold Johnathon Chaos Gauntlet Support (Family Pest) Prayer Pot / Super Restore Support (Just Add to Your Inventory Set
  3. Update Chaos Gauntlet Restocking Support From Demetrius Added Tome Of Fire Support Fixed bug preventing battle staffs and mystic staffs being used with auto attack style spell Minor Anti-Ban Improvements Sell Task now takes into account all restock items count Pve Death Improvements
  4. Update Fire Blast Spell Added To Attack Style Grand Exchange minus and plus 5% click amounts configurable In-Game Tile Paint Check Box Added For Custom Spot Minor Various Improvements & Bug Fixes
  5. Update Fixed Attacking unreachable Npcs @makeitez @CatnipandMilk Improved World Hopping Bank when out of food check box added to support not using food Minor Various Improvements & Bug Fixes
  6. UPDATE Gertrude's Cat Quest Added!!! Death Improvements Minor Various Improvements & Bug Fixes
  7. Wow! Looks really good looks like you put a lot of hard work into this one of the best tutorials i have seen to get you going and straight into it.
  8. After 6 hour log out the world page screen is automatically open sometimes and the Tribot Login Bot fails to handle it
  9. Thanks for the feedback currently trident staff (e) isn't supported and there is no plans to currently add it as it is not worth it for lava dragons. @jeremyspro MINOR UPDATE Fixed Trident pre-recharging (Updated to new trident game messages) Qol Improvements
  10. Update Major Anti-Ban Improvements Custom Area Size Added for custom spot GUI Options Tab Changed
  11. @56669179 Not currently sorry but I will add to my lists of quests that has been requested. If more people request for it i will give it higher priority.
  12. UPDATE Witch Potion Quest Added!! Nature Spirit Quest Added!! Minor bug fixes & Quality Of Life Improvements Name Generator For Tutorial Dramatically Improved Randomize Player Look Added In Options (Tutorial Island) Experimental Delays Added To Tutorial Island (Check Box To Enable Is In Options Off By Default)
  13. UPDATE Quality Of Life Improvements Minor Bug Fixes Custom Safe Spot Option Added @Rendual That agility shortcut requires hard wilderness diary's I don't have an account with that unlocked. I would need to lend an account if you want me to add that feel free to contact me by Tribot pm or Discord.
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