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  1. its works on wildy altar? when i try bot press rub button all time burning amulet
  2. @HeyImJamiehello, can you check wildy altar bug? bot teleport to wildy and press to burning amulet (rub) all time. please fix that bug, thank you!
  3. wildy altar doesnt work.. always press to burning amulet (rub), fix it please!!!
  4. Finally! Really best script! Thank you, bro!!! @Einstein
  5. Wilderness altar doesnt work.. 10x click burning amulet nonstop. fix it! @HeyImJamie
  6. From 65 road to 99 fishing. Best script, thank you @Einstein
  7. pidars2

    Weird bug

    @sprz how you get this tribot theme? i have this :
  8. pidars2

    why vps?

    I check instructions step by step.. Looking glass doesnt work? How to fix?
  9. pidars2

    why vps?

    hello. im new on botting. i have a question. why need vps on botting? its a required?
  10. pidars2

    safely botting?

    Thanks for reply. But my account is 2 years old.
  11. pidars2

    safely botting?

    hello,guys. how to bot safely? how much hours? and how much long break?
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