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  1. Taking any basic level scripting requests to help work on my skills, coding technique and the like. Any script I make will likely end up being posted on the repo so keep that in mind. Please keep them relatively basic, I can do basic paints, GUIs and am decent at coding but no AIO scripts and the like. If an activity has high requirements that would take me more than an hour or 100k gp to get I'd appreciate an account lend to develop/test with! Any requests are welcome and feedback on scripts is hugely appreciated, thanks
  2. I'm currently working on some major changes, I'm getting help from some people that are much better at PvP than I am so that I can help it last longer
  3. Have just changed this, didn't think about that!
  4. If you could send a video of this or steps to replicate I should be able to fix it! Also, I've updated the source to include a couple of changes (restore drinking and a couple of changes to delay times)
  5. I’ll try and get restore drinking done today! Thanks for the proggy and feedback :) (Also, when you say mouse speed do you mean the time it takes between actions or the time it takes for the mouse to move?)
  6. Mouse Speed can be changed in your tribot client settings. I did have it switch to mage and cast Ice Barrage, but it was breaking really easily, it's something to work towards but won't be released in the public version for a while
  7. Ahh I thought there may have been an issue like that, I will expand the area it considers LMS now!
  8. The open beta is now over! I have been given a lot of great feedback. I will work hard on the script! After a few months of on and off working on the script. I have decided to try an open beta release of my Last Man Standing script! I will continue to work on the script over the coming weeks and months! I know that it could definitely do with some improvements so that's why this is a Beta release (I'll release it again when everything is done) A couple of the current features: Prayer Flicking Drinks potions Eats and combo eats Has a basic paint that trac
  9. I can detect where it is from the announcement but I don't know how to walk to that spot
  10. I recently started working on my LMS script again after Jagex removed the GP requirement to enter. Development is going well, however, one of the main things holding the script back is due to the difficulty I'm having finding a way to get the bot to move to the safe zone. I can currently detect which safe zone I need to move to, however, I don't know how to get there, as LMS is a very large instanced area with randomised spawning so I'm not sure how effective local tiles would be. I have also looked into using an anchor object however it seems much too difficult for me. Any help/feed
  11. Alright thanks for this I think I could find at least one unique object, how far is the range on object.findnearest (or whatever the command is)
  12. Like the title says, I'm working on an advanced LMS script and it's going great, however, one of the features I want to implement is walking to safezones, however, because LMS is instanced (I think it's because of that) the co-ordinates of the arena are different every time making it impossible (afaik) to WebWalking.walkTo a specific tile or random area depending on what the safezone is. I can already detect the safezone using chat messages but is it possible (and what commands would I implement) to make it walk to safezones that change from game to game? Any help or ideas greatly appreciated
  13. Thank you so much, this is so helpful and has allowed me to really improve my script!
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