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  1. That's not what I've meant, I thought your script only combined the saltpetre since you didn't specify anywhere that it can use the plow for 1-5%
  2. I've noticed after getting the first 5% that there's a script for hosidius favor on tribot I assume the script can also use the plow for a seamless 1-100, you should update the script so more people would see it.
  3. The script works great, but could you add support for chocolate cakes? It doesn't take into account 1/3 2/3 slices and withdraws more from the bank. Chocolate cakes give more hp than regular cakes and don't cost much more
  4. None of these work for me Lovely script.
  5. There's an issue with tribot's API but the bot won't purchase incorrect items. You'll have to click on the regular planks manually, once you do the script will select the required quantity and take off from there. That's the only issue I've encountered with the script. Happy botting
  6. The script does not work. After setting up and clicking start it simply stops the script without any further clarification.
  7. Best free construction script I've used. I clicked run and it got 50 construction without any further human input
  8. It does, there's a trial for that
  9. Would be awesome if you could add support for charter pineapple buying (You buy the pineapples from charter members and instead of banking you note them with tool leprechaun)
  10. Everything seems to be fine now, it looks like the script has a predefined "shop" area and when the npc leaves that area the bot tries to go to that predefined shop area instead interacting with the shop. Also path recording could be simplified Took me a while to figure out how it works, those *blocks* threw me off (Interact NPC/Object., etc.) Is there an ETA on tracking profit per hour, how many items the bot is buying and similar statistics?
  11. What would be the best way of contacting you? Trying to set up a custom walking path, can't tell if I messed something up or is it the script's fault
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