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  1. maybe you just learned how to bot better?
  2. I dont think fluffee actually created openosrs, he just compiles a LG-compatible version.
  3. Get a proxy at rsocks an elite DEDICATED socks5 USE PROXIFIER and set the proxy rules for both localhost and general connections to route through the proxy SIGN UP WITH THE PROXY YOU WANT TO USE ALREADY RUNNING. Dont register on your local ip then only use proxy when on the gameclient Completely clean the browser you used to make each account with Before you make a second account USE ccleaner +ccenhancer download the standard runescape client. Run tut isle on jagex's client. Play around for a little bit. Avoid fishing, mining, and combat training in lumbr
  4. @Tril3z @Rileyz Wtf are you guys doing with this looking glass shit? You dont even have it working for osbuddy and if you do I want proof. Theres so many threads with people needing help and you guys cant even make it work half the time. 90% of the scripts in the script section dont even work. Why cant you keep it clean? It shouldnt be that hard to do. Make an account and test a script. You sit there raking in money off of these ridiculous prices, yet cant even manage something simple like this. A disgrace
  5. Yo FYI, most problems with LG I feel like are due to people using proxies incorrectly. Most botters are used to using proxifier on a client and/or on their internet connection in general. LG has built in support for proxies. Just start up a client on your normal connection AND then select a proxy on the tribot launcher. Solves a lot of problems and people may not know about it.
  6. I feel like there is alternate versions of every botting client, one only few can access. These versions have the real antiban shit on lock. They have questers that would blow our minds. This is where the money is at if you ask me. Make money selling the snicklfritz to the kids... while you reap the second harvest from your undetectable army.
  7. Do you download risky shit? Go to risky sites? Try downloading a good antivirus, theres plenty with free trials out there. Run that scan and then come back here. Even then, there is FUD (fully undetectable) malicious software all over the place.
  8. thepope821


    You know what, I may have been wrong tbh. When I was using tribots tut scripts the client was kind of broken because of the winter updates. Those could have broken the tut scripts. But yea if you ask me ... people starting to play the game arent going for efficiency. They will examine random shit. They'll examine the guy that gives pickaxes, swords, runes, nets and prayer advice. Every action the player takes could have a delay or random action taken. This will reduce efficiency of course, but that's what we are going for. If you want I could test you're script for you and offer su
  9. thepope821


    There will always be more randomness you could add to the script. You could have it mine a random ore or use random anvils. You could have it kill more than one rat for melee and ranged or both. There will always be more randomness. If you want to develop a good name for yourself here and really give back to the community then I feel like you picked the right way to do it because tribot doesnt have any god tut isle scripts.
  10. thepope821


    lol, I thought the sarcasm would be obvious. Sorry I was kidding
  11. thepope821


    I got banned after 1 min of using. -1 rep to you
  12. @YoHoJo Why do you keep repping those sites? They are trash. You deliberately try and post as frequently as possible so you can have your sig visible..when they're trash. I dont get it. You pretend to care about your fellow brothers, but to you theyre just refs
  13. @wastedbro Doesnt know what he's talking about.
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