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  1. Title says the error when im booting up. Super odd - haven't changed anything.
  2. Here is the error im getting.
  3. When I boot up looking glass I already have OSBuddy open and logged into my acc. It says “updatation process” and all that regular loading stuff but then it goes to a black screen and won’t detect my inventory when I’m trying to set up nNightmare Zone.
  4. The title says it all. I am willing to pay extremely good. The script is complex but truly not even remotely as complex as many other scripts. As an ex-script writer (i stopped because all my scripts always get caught) I feel as if this project could be done in less than a week maybe even two weeks. I'm willing to pay a great deal of USD for a flawless working version of what I envision. Premium Script Writers ONLY - Reach out via discord or PM please. I will pay first or adhere to your requests for payment. I also am interested in a partnership if you deem this idea good enough you can not charge me for the script and I can use it to make us quite a hefty bit of GP TalentBuyer#2481 Cheers!!!
  5. It won’t connect to any of my proxies every time I try and load one up it says ”Cannot connect to specified proxy” please help just dropped a bunch of $$...
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