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  1. Hi TriBot Family! Read almost every topic I could to help me gather what I need! Very informative posts, if there are topics to my questions here would love some links! I'm New to botting, as pre eoc I was huge into botting, dungeoneering was 100% botted and I was lvl 109, summoning 99, and we all know it was very very easy to get away with it back in the day. Now I know it's very easy to get caught, obviously people report, patterns of clicks, how you bot (going about it smart or dumb), Jagex watches accounts closely etc Any tips you have for someone starting up, let me know! Would like to jump right into it and get my feet wet and learn as I go. Would like to run anywhere between 10-100 accounts at a time... I have 2 computers in my office (both with a 1080ti, not sure if that even matters) , one of them I haven't logged into runescape in 3+ years the other I use it every day for runescape playing on my main(s). My thing is I would love to use my other computer to just bot (gold farm + make accounts), whether I need to buy a proxy (I do own a VPN) but I hear Proxy is better I will surely make the investment, and I don't mind spending the start up to get this rolling. My question is, can I use a proxy on my back up PC and still use my main computer with the regular IP? Not too sure how this works, anything you know would help! Thanks
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