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  1. glad to have you back and way to go on the studying
  2. Hey GetTopped, Will try this today hopefully when my bonds come in and see if it isn't resolved after clearing jagexcache, .LIVE, and hooks.dat and OSBuddy (make sure you delete your Looking Glass clients cache BEFORE you run new Tribot Looking Glass Client... Hoping to use this with my suicide farm and on my members accounts for some realism.
  3. nidus

    WB Farmer BETA

    Yo we need you on the team!
  4. This script still active? I need realistic suicide bots and I'm collecting a list of working Quest scripts. Will post list here below soon.
  5. Could you code the script to talk to the seaman if the client paint delay is above a value of 1? It gets stuck in a loop clicking Pay-fare option, then misclicking chat options, then selecting pay-fare again. I've deleted all my clients, cleared cache, reinstalled the .jar, and deleted hooks.dat and still gets stuck in a loop using 500 paint delay. It works perfectly fine without Client Paint Delay, however. If I can use it with 1000 paint delay I could run 2x the accounts. Personal FYI I'm sorry if I wrong but I wanted your attention. I need to be able to provide feedback and postin
  6. Yo Evesy you still feelin' an update? I've got some suicides ready for some coins haha.
  7. Bump. Script freezes collecting more for inventory. I deleted and reinstalled everything.
  8. Bumping this Remember: -Start with empty inventory -deleting hooks before re-booting client -Stopping then Re-running Script fixes a lot. Thanks GeniuSKiller for working hard to find bugs. You can reach him at his discord GeniuSKilleR#9087
  9. script gets stuck at karamja. stays on boat and doesnt find gang-plank. this is true with all fishing scripts on tribot. must be because of an update. edit: ok I cleared hooks and cache and ran x86 instead and it's perfectly fine
  10. You mean the 42 currently active instances? That's a far cry from "everyone"... I'm talking about Tribot. Who's a developer I can speak with? Seems like Einstein and a few others are the only ones still actively updating their shit... This site feels dead...
  11. Please reply to my comment on your "Lobster Farmer" thread left just hours ago. Thank you Please update your free script "Lobster Farmer" to include an diversion where it travels the bot to Karamja using the "Talk-to" method over the "Pay-fare" method.
  12. Bumping because this script...smh... Hasn't been updated in a year or more and gets stuck paying fare at Port Sarim. FYI if you haven't completed pirate's treasure, which I don't want to do, you cannot select the "Pay fare..." option... Please update because all my bots are now stuck at Port Sarim. edit: i have resizable mode enabled. It's trying to talk to the seaman to take me to karamja but the "Lobster Farmer" Overlay is covering the chat dialogue and won't click the dialogue. Please update to have the overlay be somewhere out of the way but still helpful. Thanks.
  13. So what about your free script "Lobster Farmer" aka "Lobster" on Repository? Are you gunna update that for people who haven't completed Pirate's Treasure and therefore can't click the "Pay-fare" option or no??? Also should be able to allow up to 100 accounts run at once in my opinion. I'd pay for it. Please update your free script "Lobster Farmer" aka "Lobster" in Repository. I need to try the free version all the way through a few times before I commit to paying to you. Also, I can't send messages to you, Einstein. Really bad community service to do t
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