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  1. Fluffee's server setup should help you out in setting up your server. I can take a look for you (no payment needed obviously). Hit me up on discord: Trekjebak #5035 (ALSO NEVER SHARE YOUR SERVER CREDENTIALS WITH ANYONE. ONLY LET TRUSTED MEMBERS ASSIST USING TEAMVIEWER)
  2. Yeah I did post a bug report in his Discord :). So now we wait.
  3. Awesome script, unfortunately the room building function is broken. Probably no plans to update this script anymore I guess?
  4. @Dentist You are one hell of a scripter! Flawless script, thanks for this. Definitely worth the money.
  5. Ahh allright, thats a bummer.
  6. @JustJ Is there a script argument supported to enable world-hopping and select a spot? Would be very useful for gold-farming on scale.
  7. scriptoboy


    Just give it some time for the scripters to push an update, and all will be good again. Happy botting!
  8. 10 was legendary, 11 was the semi-lovely side-chick you take out to dinner at McDonalds, and 12 is just the bomb in terms of CPU/RAM performance. Thanks for all the hard work and constant support . I personally can't wait to see what Tribot X has to offer.
  9. There is an option in the break manager to repeat breaks. As long as you have that option checks, it will keep on repeating that break, so take a look at that. In addition, try looking at this guide for the entire break system if you still don't entirely understand it:
  10. I have to say, I am really impressed with Tribot 12 performance. My farm is running way more smooth and CPU/RAM efficient, and while I did enjoy the Tribot 11 sidebar workflow, this has made my life much easier. Thanks again for the hard work, and I can't wait for Tribot X!
  11. Definitely going to give this a go, thanks for you effort! Im still a noob with Gradle, but this will help me out for sure.
  12. What script are you trying to run? And which client are you using?
  13. Awesome, going to switch over to Tribot 12 on my server soon. Can't wait for the performance results, thanks for the hard work!
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