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  1. That fixed everything thank you so much, great script, and to the guy above saying he did it for 8hrs I’ve done it straight 3days so far with 13 min breaks every couple hours and still got multiple accs going Understandable if not, but if you could add an option to use the class setup we have without looting bag, and use if applicable (as in if I die with it, don’t use it instead of logging, until the player gets it, then switch it to use again) WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND 10/10
  2. I bought it and it’s been really great only things I can say is 1. How and where do I access the muling that’s why I bought the script and I see nothing of it? 2. Support to turn off roofs, i saw something in the settings about checking it and I turned it off but it seems like all it does is alert you other than those the script is pretty perfect, congrats on the release
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