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  1. Can log in into forums using auth0 but, there is no way to log into client, ive already updated and trying to change password. Please, fix this asap.
  2. Can log in into forums with Auth0, but client keeps saying invalid password or username
  3. Not working for me neither, i've linked my Auth0 to tribot Forums, and can't log in yet
  4. Gratz on release, i loved the beta version. I know for sure that this one will be on fire
  5. Gratz on this script, it's amazing and pretty flawless. This is the first time that i see a script wich buy/sell at the same time!! I also thank the sctipter so much, always willing to help and add the features you ask for @JustJ you're amazing bud!
  6. Nice GUI looks pretty cool and it's easy to use, Gratz on release bud!
  7. Are ya willing to write a script for Shop buyer/sellers? Since ExShopper is no longer available it would be really nice that someone makes a new shopper trader, or something like that.
  8. Ok, ill pm you the screenshots then
  9. Would it help if i send you pics of the ExShopper GUI for you to have an idea of we're talking about? or it goes against the rules? im kinda noob on this yet.
  10. If could add selling items i would be very pleased too, and obviously will buy your script
  11. Ey there, it's a really nice script. But i have a recommendation, when it comes to sell items i would love if you could add a buttom to sell 5/10's Only, cause it's kinda meh, when it restart sellin on the same world just cause each item came down by one, so... y would be really glad if yould do that. Nice job with this screpit btw
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