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  1. very nice omg : O how long are u running each acc daily X D? Staking is a bigger problem than abusing crack L0L
  2. Question, using normal algorithm or the experimentals : o? btw, fking nice profit o.o
  3. are you using the new react instantly to price changes feature : o? btw, nice profit O_o the max i have got with 70m stack is 1.5 m :c having , atm not getting very good profits (like 500k for 3 days t.t) with the 5 accs i have, idk if its the price resources or wtf X D have been trying ;c
  4. Hi hi Mr dentist, i have been a fan of this script used it a lot, but after the past osrs update, i have been having a problem with fremminik trials, its getting stuck during the vote part, and happens a lot, i have the .txt with the problem
  5. i have been experiencing a problem with canifis rooftop, sometimes, it gets stuck in the air while doing the penultimate step, and the bot just stays there stuck hints? or something to do?
  6. maybe he mean the 2$ after changing the first 200 monkfish points, i am in the same problem, i do not see where i can apply it X D
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