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  1. Refunded. Paid back, sorry for any inconveniences my service may have caused because of this.
  2. Would be nice if i could contact you to arrange a refund, i dont care anymore. So come on livechat or get on skype.....
  3. Hmm, i thought that already existed.
  4. Yeah, I told Crimson to do something about it but he didn't haha. And then i told The Black Tux Make up your mind people. But yeah, i was going to make this report but seeing Crimson's reaction i didn't and then i talked to The Black Tux earlier today and was about then, then i saw this post using my info from Sythe Thanks Zikama, and inb4 i get infracted for posting on this.
  5. Excuse me? He logged on the account and changed password etc when it wasnt done ? so why should i finish/refund now. He broke the terms of service which he agrees to when ordering from us. Also, he changed password before my worker left/got fired from the service, which is a main reason why he quit... since he wouldn't get the completed order payment and now he lost his 20k iron bars that the customer made us put on the account, which is 20k*220 = 4400k~ That means i should only have to pay the 2956k 07, if it boils down to that, even though i shouldn't have to pay anything due to the voidi
  6. First off, from what i recall , we provided our own bars because "we would make money off the way he wanted doing" and we never got those back as well. So no, he didn't supply the items, and yes they were still on the account and have been. Thus him changing his password which voids my terms of service. So why should i even be refunding anyway? And he's been online Skype i believe 4 times since October when he ordered this ....
  7. I'm not only addressing it now? He just left the negative feedback a week or so ago, If i did 26% of the work, then hes only getting 7.4m 07 not 7.5m ? that would be scamming me 100k ? what is this nonsense
  8. Pathetic, all i have to say. He was fired and is not apart of Violent's AIO Services anymore. (This happened months ago) You have no proof or anything of us changing your account name and haven't brought that up before with me which i just believe you are saying this to "help your case." 70-87 smith = 4m xp 87-99 smith is 9m xp Which means he completed 44% of this order, i'll give you 6m 07 as a refund, not giving you a 75% refund when 44% + was completed.
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