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  1. Beg I think it is possible to only use master id instead of fixed ids. Whenever u have time can u look into it? This is because master ids rarely change. And u kinda like, search for children/components that correspond with said text or other variable that u could use for filtering. So even if they change u can still find them. Btw the script is really nice.
  2. When u thought all types of premium script methods were already made and then optimus hits u up with this beauty. Btw u misspelled supplies. I think its awsome u have how much of ea impling is caught but can u also add the total amount of implingw caught(so u dont have to add them all up) and how many catches per hour? Can be a good tool for users to track script efficiency(since gp/hour is based also on market value of imps so it isnt reliable). Not only for users but for u as well, especially since it is still in testing phase cuz if u ever make some small change or improvement then that (imps/hour) will tell u if it affected the profit negatively or positively in any way. Which isnt otherwise noticeable if its a small change.
  3. UPDATE: Beta version available: jClayMiner Remember that b4 u run the script to have around 700k in the bank(not sure exactly how much u need but just to be safe), and you also need to use the argument "start" the first time u run it. Requirements: 7 magic Sneakpeak: (41+ mining) This will be my second free script to release. Currently in developement but will release a beta version soon. Will support: - Mining soft clay using 2 rocks. (done) - Upgrading pickaxes upong leveling. (done) - Restocking(buying required gear, pickaxes, rows, selling clay) (done) - Halfway-point restocking(sells clay once u reach half supplies, collects the money when restocking supplies again) (done) - Fast banking with teleportation methods (done) - Fast restocking & muling at GE through RoW support (done) - Leveling crafting to 23 (done) - Creates & enchants ur own bracelets of clay (done) - Custom ABC paried with ABC2 and smart custom dynamic sleeps + occassionally using different tile spots. (done) - Choosing tile locations & world(intended as support for running bot farms). (done) - Muling (working on it) Anything else you guys would like? This will be a good no requirement money maker. Between 60-150k gp/hour depending on ur mining leve(1 - 41+). And upwards to about 5k xp/hour mining xp/hour at 41+ mining.
  4. Gz! A paint would be nice though. For tracking runtime, blasts/hour & gp/hour
  5. This Worldhopper is solely for hopping to random worlds. It will ignore skill total worlds if isTotal is set to false. Setting it to true will NOT make you hop only to skill total worlds. It means it has to the chance to choose one of them to hop to. It will also remember the last 10 worlds you hopped to, and will not hop to those worlds. There are some things to be worked on though. Such as not hard coding the total worlds as they are constantly changing numbers or adding/removing worlds and instead find a better way to filter total worlds. Or checking if the player has a high enough skill total before attempting to hop onto the selected skill total world. These are things I might return to in the future unless someone beats me to it and releases an update of my class.
  6. Depends on what you are doing. Lot of things vary. Is your account new? Bad proxy? Does it have levels in lots of different skills? How long do you bot? What skill are you botting? I for instance get banned botting mining for only 4 hours straight on fresh accounts regardless of how good the script is.(this may vary though, some can bot for 50 hours straight mining but ur more likely to get banned with certain methods/skills).
  7. Released my GE api as well! Please tell me what you guys think.
  8. I suggest you join the tribot discord for more suppport. I use the latest community edition of eclipse.
  9. That video should still work, nothing has changed since then. I used this method and it still works. Have you added the external jar to your java build path?
  10. Nice timing, just when I wanted to switch over to using javafx instead of swing. Props to you man. This will help me a bunch!
  11. I decided to create my own banking API that mimics tribots way of implementing the API as much as possible. Basically it would only contain nothing more than just method calls. Simple and easy to use. This API is a reworked version that is currently in my jHerblore script. I intend to release my GE api as well once I have finished that one up too. The API requires DaxWalker & Wastedbro's Item Price API. Other than that the rest is achieveable with standard dependencies that already comes with tribot. All of the method names are the same as the ones from Banking & GrandExchange class in tribot, with a few exceptions, the only difference is that these methods are called with different class names such as Banker & Exchanger, so they do not collide with the Banking & GrandExchange class of tribot and cause an ambiguity problem. List of available methods: Some of the features this API offers: - Methods that incorporate any form of withdrawing or depositing do not need you to first check if the bank is open nor if it is loaded. It will attempt to open the bank if it is not open before returning false, and wait for bank to load if it is not loaded yet. - Methods that incorporate any form of buying or selling do not need you to first check if the exchange window is open. It will attempt to open the exchange window if it is not open before returning false. - Deselector. All methods that require the mouse to click somewhere on the screen first check if an item or spell is selected, if it is then it will deselect whatever is selected before attempting the requested action. - Additional failsafes, not just the deselector. Tribots banking api does not know if what you were trying to click actually was succesfully clicked. Instead it views succesfully calling the click function as a succesfull attempt. It's kind of like playing pin the nail to the donkey game. It does not know if it pinned it at the right location, but as long as it pinned it the function returns true. This is not true for all methods, some methods do actually check if the action was succesfully performed, however they do not reattempt the action if it failed. 1 call = 1 attempt. My api will reattempt any action that might fail, several times, before returning false and will also wait until inventory count is updated. For example using the tribot banking API if you were to deposit all your items and then immediately check your available inventory space before withdrawing items then it might not work as you wish because Banker.depositAll() returns before the action of depositing has finished. - When banking, closes GrandExchange window if it is open. - When buying/selling, closes the bank screen if it is open. - Support for withdrawing items in noted format and with or without stack exception. Stack exception is basically if you wish to draw X amount of items in your inventory but you only had Y left, then you can choose if you wish to draw these items or not. Also supports depositing of noted item ids if you happen to pass a list with of items that contains items of unnoted item ids, but the item in your inventory is a noted version of the item in your inventory. Also will not deposit equipment or items if you have none equipped or in your inventory. There is a total of 4 different depositing methods and 16 different withdrawing methods. - Unique dynamic sleeping method, all methods that should sleep already have sleeps implemented so you do not need to call a sleep after executing any of the methods. Involves random varying sleeps but will occasionally, every so often, in a irregular pattern, sleep a bit longer. I use this because I prefer it over General.sleep(). Feel free to replace it with whichever method you wish. Remember before running the main loop in your script to call: jGeneral.get().generateSeed(); This will create a random number between 0-100 that will be added to your dynamic sleeps in milliseconds. This is so no bot has the same average reaction/sleeping time. - When buying items on the GE, if the bot does not have any money or too little money in the inventory, it will check if you have enough of the missing amount in the bank and withdraw that amount. - Custom buying method that checks for an exact string match of the item you wish to buy and chooses that one from the returned items in the buy window search box. The standard GE api does not do this and will for instance click the wrong herb when it searches for "Guam leaf" in the grand exhcange, this is because more than one item contains "guam leaf" in their name. Such as Grimy guam leaf and so on. - Profit tracking when buying/selling items on the GE. This is optional. GET THE SOURCE HERE! UPDATES: - Pushed new updates that fix some of the methods that I've tested a bit for now, bit of logic and efficiency improvements. Also added 2 new depositing methods. Remember to replace the old java files with the new ones. - Pushed even more updates. Fixed interface problem for withdrawing noted items. My GE api is now also been released to the public. Enjoy!
  12. What is import scripts.dezapi.core.antiban.ABC2; and imports such as that? Can't find those files anywhere.
  13. Very nice! Will give it a try
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