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  1. holy fuck man i turned the mouse speed up to 200 and now its fucking shredding zulrah thanks so much!
  2. Im using Looking glass and mouse speed is set at 130. Gear is full ahrims with toxic trident + full karil with blowpipe... the part where i die the most is when the prayer flicking happens. the bot always goes back to the inventory as soon as he switches, then back to the prayer menu and back to the inv and so on... any special settings im missing out or something?
  3. Hey, I just bought your script a few days ago, I'm 85 Magic and 93 Ranged, but most of the time the script is not even making Profit? Since it dies A LOT and stuff, the supply cost is pretty much always higher then the profit? and last 5hour session the bot made 120k profit... am i doing something wrong? please help me i paid for the script.
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