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  1. You're on my website atm. But not replying
  2. Please head over to www.rs3goldmart.com.pk To avoid imposters. In reference to this thread link
  3. Contact me please www.rs3goldmart.com.pk I am buying for 1.1$/M
  4. www.rs3goldmart.com.pk I can sell you via bitcoins
  5. I am looking to buy 100M 07 GP. Please add me on skype: RS3GoldMart I am trusted can do both BTC , PayPal I mainly work on other forums can give proof.
  6. Please visit www.rs3goldmart.com.pk For all your Runescape needs!
  7. To prevent chargebacks You have to make sure you are selling to a nice guy.Read the buyers mind by his words.If someone try to to confuse you and ask you to hurry or whatever makes you uncomfortable just don't trade with him.If necessary ask for Phone number and A Identity Card which matches the name of the paypal account he is paying with.
  8. I can sell you in 3 hours. But if you can negotiate your price a bit.
  9. Impersonation Please DO NOT TRADE with the imposters. There are thousand of skype with who claimed to be RS3GoldMart just for the sake of scamming you my one and only. Discord https://discord.gg/k9msVgk **ORDER FORM** Amount of gold: You wanna buy or sell : What payment method you want to use : Your Skype Name:**
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