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  1. I understand. Learning Java myself thanks! Ill try your script on a new acc and see how it goes Ussually was top! Maybe I just make some little modification to suit my needs. Gratz for even releasing a free script!
  2. Sure, maybe I had used it in the wrong way, not giving it enough pauses or just was unlucky. I would suggest you add random afking (like mouse off screen) and then would be perfect. Yeah, I know it scripts herbs and is human-like, will try out the new version. Thanks for your answer and the update pal! I was impressed with the script,only I was stupid to not get my money off the acc, so got pissed. sorry for that.
  3. Thank you very much friend. the best Motherlode script I've seen!!!
  4. Thanks for the ban Rather release a HQ script and make people pay for it, otherway they pay with their account.
  5. Thank you very much sir, my account got banned because of your script. Please don't use this one people!!!! even a paid script that perma bans you. thanks , you are a really good scripter!
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