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  1. It doesn't go for a bird in the snare immediately, nor does it place back down a trap immediately, I'm trying to figure out if it ever will or what's the wait limit between checking. Script needs a couple tweaks and it will be just right. edit: it also doesn't repair broken snares Also suggest to have a drop all bones option.
  2. I used bot for 61 minutes, took a couple afks, and manually got myself some staminas, account banned for botting, rest in piece like 15mill I had there
  3. Places cannon, then script ends. Something Broken here.
  4. So I was "trying" to craft airs, come back to my computer 1 1/2 hours later, to find " failed to click ruins " and just sitting outside like a moron. Repeated, same story. Do not use for airs, haven't and won't test others.
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