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  1. After running the script at zmi for an hour, I noticed that the script is sometimes does nothing at the altar after the first craft. Also it sometimes doesn't fill essence into the pouches. It seems like zmi isn't functioning as intended after all. I am using safe mode and restarted the client. Will delete hooks.dat later today and test it to see if that's an issue. Anyone else having issues with zmi? If so, what settings/invent do you have?
  2. I'd be willing to pay for a semi-functional script if ZMI is truly working. Only looking for a functional ZMI script.
  3. I notice that while blackjacking, sometimes the script will pickpocket a menaphite thug before it knocks them out. It tends to happen after I fail a knockout. This tends to slow down xp/hr. Let me know if you need more information.
  4. Can't wait for that update don't rush it though.
  5. I know that someone already mentioned this but I just wanted to also let you know that I am getting the issue that @leixner is getting. The first obstacle after the starting basket in pollnivneach is clicked too early and the character just sits there for several seconds. It also gets stuck for a moment after the monkey bars. The bot tries to do the palm tree while performing the monkey bars animation. Other than that the bot has been running great. Just those two issues which make it seem slow. Lastly, I know it says a January 2019 update on the first post. When in January do you expect to release this? Thanks anyways for this great script!
  6. Thanks Mute EDIT: Just checked the Slayer Logger and got this message: Welcome to Mute's AIOSlayer. Please remember to check here for any reported error(s). Random event detected. Teleporting from combat. Script MALFUNCTION - REPORT TO MUTE: (3227, 3108, 2), ACTION: Climb-down, MY_POS: (3483, 9510, 2) Your character has not moved in five minutes, please wait while the script thread is restarted. This was during a kalphite task and I was not there to witness what happened. Hope this helps.
  7. What version were you running: 3.9.3 What is your issue: Doesn't kill kalphites that well, just runs around the cave and has the mouse hover over the kalphite, but doesn't click attack How do you think it happened exactly: Not sure how it happened Severity rating (1-10): 10, doesn't kill the script but slows it down and occurs almost 100% of the time Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 100% Not sure if there have been other bug reports about this but just wanted to let you know that kalphite tasks have a lot of AFK-ness (lol) in them.
  8. Not sure if this is a bug so I'm not going to submit a bug report I was just wondering if anyone else is having problems with using a dragon dagger as a special attack weapon, at times it withdraws both of my dds' and when I view the script at times it reacts slowly to kill the monster. Turns on special, turns off, moves to kill enemy and then switches to dds and then back to d scim. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or not.. Also the fast slayer point mode only uses Turael.
  9. I agree I can run LoL while botting and it works fine. This is my proggy so far, no breaks, no errors, and only check up on it every couple hours (maybe 2-3 times a day). I don't know what all the other people are running into but its working great! Thanks USA for the great script.
  10. Candle can get blown out in lumby swamps. Then you take damage so it is recommended you get 26 fm and make a oil lantern. On a side note I have been using fast slayer points mode and I just finished task 27 using turael.
  11. Second time the script ends because it is out of pure essence, although I have 100k essence in the bank. Not sure what the problem is though.
  12. 27 hour proggy so far yeeeeee... I set my emergency teleport percentage to 70% and its been running sooooo smoothly. 1 player avoided and only 1 emergency teleport. I'm also drunk so sorry if I sound dumb.. lol.
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