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  1. @flamekiller999 and then after I compiled it, how do I upload it to the sdn, can I do that myself?, also how can i use it locally if I can't upload it to the sdn? sorry for the many questions
  2. @flamekiller999 Damn, that sucks, but thanks anyways for the help man, really appreciate it. I actually tried adding fluffy on discord, was having looking glass problems, and it has been a week and he hasn't accepted yet so maybe I will try messaging him on here. Also is it possible for me to run the script as a local script? what i mean is red spark the script writer left a link, https://gitlab.com/Red_Spark/Red_ClayMasterV2 can I use this somehow to use the script?
  3. @flamekiller999 Hey man, first, thanks for the reponse, I've done as you asked and followed the guide you provided downloaded the jar which deletes the hooks and stuff after i closed all clients and then tried the script again and it still gives me the same issue, also i know the script is kinda outdated but it was so since i started using it last month and it was working fine up until today and like you said i think the gui pop up has nothing to do with the script being outdated. I currently still don't know how to work this out and one thing to note is I tried the same script on my lapt
  4. Hi, this is my first post but i really need help regarding an issue with a script, So i was using this script for like a month and i was using it normally yesterday, but suddenly when i try it now it says it's downloading but nothing afterwards, it used to give me a gui to select options from and then run, but now it just says downloading and that's it here is a screenshot any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. hey man @Red_Spark, thanks for the script it's amazing so far, i know it's been quite a while but, is it possible to add some other water containers as bowls for example?
  6. Hello, i am new to the forums and i wanted to try tribot vip using the trial so i need 1 credit, how much does it cost osrs gp Thanks in advance
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