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  1. Hey! Just out of curiosity, how is the ban rate with your script? Curious after how much usage you found yourself getting banned if any idea. Thanks!
  2. All the following answers are based off of my experiences and opinions. Others may have different viewpoints depending on their experiences so please take what I say with a grain of salt. 1. You can as long as you don't get banned within those 12 hours and you bot something that is decently profitable. Assuming no bans, if you bot something that gets you maybe 200-300k an hour, across 3 accounts 12 hours a day you are looking at about 4.8M which isn't bad but also probably accounts won't last long (consider taking anti ban measures such as breaks and using scripts with ABC2 although all t
  3. Snippets: [Source] (Link to thread) I don't have any snippets that I can link to due to the fact that I have been spending majority of my time developing scripts and learning the API. I haven't had any good opportunity to share snippets of code as I am still actively learning and advancing my skills but haven't made any significant breakthroughs to share with the community. With that being said, if I ever do get the opportunity or chance to share code that I feel will benefit the community, I will definitely do that. Tutorials: [Source] (Link to thread) I haven't gotten the chanc
  4. Ya you're right but I'm too lazy to that for something that probably won't be used by many users I believe. Thanks for suggestion though
  5. Hello! I noticed that there wasn't any up to date fletching bots for free users so I decided to create something using what was already available as motivation. I wanted the free users to have access to a decent fletching bot and noticed the good stuff is only available as premium scripts. I hope users like what I have made! List of features: 1. Full ABC2 implementation 2. Task based 3. Load/Save profiles 4. Automatically loads the last used profile on startup 5. Fletches many different things! How to use: 1. Select Cut or String 2. Select wh
  6. Hey! Sorry I was away for a while. Great question Basically, Game.getSetting returns this number which represents the state of the state of the game at a certain point. The number returned changes at every stage of the tutorial island so that's how I know what code to run for every stage. Without it, it would be much harder and I would have to check for other things. As for the 1000, I noticed that once I finish the tutorial island (the wizard teleports me to lumbridge), the gameState becomes 1000 so that's how I know I have finished the tutorial island and decide to break out
  7. Hate to break it to you but I believe you won't be getting any updates soon considering the fact the developer last visit the site sometime in July 2019 which is a few months ago. Unless he decides to visit, I would consider the script as-is condition.
  8. Probably not considering the OP last reply was 3 years ago
  9. Thank you! A little buggy at time but it's hard to come across those bugs and sometimes they happen very minimal so I'm hoping I can get some help and have more testers so I can pinpoint where and when the bugs happen. Hope people like it!
  10. Hey guys! Back at it again with another money making script. This time it's a fruit blaster making script! Hope you guys enjoy it and like it. All you need to do is have money, a knife, and a cock tail shaker in your inventory and start your character at Heckel Fench shop at the Tree Gnome village! Press start and it will do the rest for you! Please let me know if any bugs or problems are found. Thanks! NOTE: It will make 20 fruit blast and hop worlds when needed before banking! A little gif of the bot in progress! Source code: https://github.com/That
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