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  1. mate, did you activate world hopping when someone is around? (other cannon/someone talks/a player is within your area). most of 2-day bans are based upon players reports (someone is doing zogre flesh eaters, talks to you to verify if you are a bot and reports you). also, did you use any other script at that time?
  2. realidadk2

    Banned lol

    you forgot to mention that jagex flags specific areas and activities within the game. for example, the fact that they track tutorial island and lumbridge surroundings it is sufficient evidence that their botwatch select specific areas of the game to record and backwards engineer their game data among players within these areas. also, they also seem to track activities such as banking (this would explain why scripts with more intensive interaction with the bank interface are the most banned by far, such as crafting/alching/herblore).
  3. a day before my main got its first ban i was collecting a drop that i was usually getting 1 per hour. that day my bot didn't collect ANY of that drop even after 12 hours of grinding the same mobs (mobs didn't drop it so, it wasn't an script bug) i think jagex fucks up with drops to catch bot data. that might be the reason they are so successful at catching goldfarmers. also they seem to recognize bots and anti-ban from a mile away when they got you on the spot light. if you stay away from players, your bot usually lasts longer. because most players are brainwashed to report other players even for stupid bs, or they are simply driven by a false sense of justice and envy (mostly on american or english servers, players are full of that stupid XIX century ideals. australians don't give a shit if you are botting unless they are also botting and want to destroy other botters.)
  4. lol. are we seriously discussing the grammatology of western metaphysics in a botting forum?
  5. who is "we"? maybe it sounds like common sense because common sense is the less common now days. is 2020 and people are still coming out with theories about "breaks", "doing quests", "doing stuff manually" and "botting less than X amount of time", even TrileZ created a VIP-E to sell "looking glass" while non of these things actually have been tested or seem to make a difference when it comes to bans (people still get banned for botting with LG and ABC2 10/10) black lists are actually a thing. white lists are not, because jagex doesn't give a shit about most players unless they are getting reported/or their basic anti-bot software detects botting patterns after 10 hours of a bot being stucked behind a door clicking at the grass. non-common sense looks like superstition. we might be better lighting a candle to avoid getting banned.
  6. after researching for hours and getting banned a few times on the same topic i've came to the conclusion that Jagex has a "black list" in which they pay closer attention to your data. there are several ways to get into this "black list". main one is to be reported by other players or botters. and second one is to use a really shitty/bugged script. once you are within this black list your data will get processed with much more intensity than being outside of it. which will lead to a hand-made ban by a Jagex mod or auto-ban in the case of using a really shitty/bugged script. what this means is that Tribot ABCL and ABC2 or any anti-ban measure is useful to fool the auto-ban system but it would never fool a Jagex mod when he goes over your data after entering the "black list". so, it seems as if time/breaks/quests/manual gameplay in-between botting doesn't make the difference when you are already within this "black list", the only thing that makes the difference is stop botting for a while (weeks/months?) until the auto-flag or "black list" system takes you out from their intensive-data-heuristic research to become a nobody again, until you get flagged again by the system (using shitty/bugged scripts or getting several reports from players and competitive botters).
  7. 1400+ total lv 180+ qp i was using a premium script that never gave me trouble in the past (even after serious months botting). also i didn't use any other script on that acc. two days ago i had a really shitty connection (while botting), which my internet service confirmed today after restarting my connection. and yesterday i woke up to a botbusting ban.
  8. Yesterday I had a shitty internet connection during all day Is it possible that having a lot of lag is associated with getting banned?
  9. i've been botting for more than a month (in total hours) and jagex never detected my Tribot client. jagex doesn't detect 3rd party clients, they detect bots from meta-data analysis within the game (for example, walking the same paths in your mini-map towards the bank and back from it) if you get 1000 reports in 1 day by using a tribot client while you are playing with your own hands runescape, jagex will not know the difference.
  10. some botfarmers pay people to watch 6 or 7 bots at the same time to avoid them getting stucked or they talk with people to avoid getting reported. also do handmade tutorial island and G.E. this avoids flags on your multiple accounts. i think that is influential to your farm. bald lv3 bots don't get far. botfarmers that don't share their overall secrets deserve to loss all their money in bans.
  11. if the world hop doesn't work the bot should AT LEAST log out instead of being stuck there for hours risking a ban. ain't that right?
  12. @Optimus is it possible that the bot drinks divine potions only when it has above 60% of hp? divine potions take 10hp and it is risky to drink them at 30% hp bar (already got me killed) if possible would be great that bot drops stuff that picks up by accident (such as bones or cheap weed that is not supposed to pick up)
  13. @Optimus after the 6 hour timing, when the bot changes worlds, it gets stucked trying to change again and again to the same world it already selected. [XX:XX:23] Switching to world 535. [XX:XX:57] Switching to world 535. [XX:XX:44] Switching to world 535. [XX:XX:11] Switching to world 535. [XX:XX:54] Switching to world 535. [XX:XX:13] Switching to world 535. [XX:XX:31] Switching to world 535. [XX:XX:17] Switching to world 535. [XX:XX:24] Switching to world 535.
  14. bot still doesn't recognize saradomin brews as food (i've tried with "saradomin brew(4)" or "saradomin brew" or "saradomin brew(4), saradomin brew(3), saradomin brew(2), saradomin brew(1)" non of those work either)
  15. while trying to worldhop to low-populated worlds as an anti-ban measure, bot sometimes tries to hop to "special worlds" such as 400 ("invitational tournament") and gets logged out as a result. We are going to world hop because there are 1 other Players in your fight spot. Switching to world 400. We are going to world hop because there are 1 other Players in your fight spot. Login bot started. Login Bot: Login... Login Bot: Login... Login Bot: Login... Login Bot: Login... Login Bot: Login... Login bot failed. @Optimus would be great if you could add the worldhop option automatically when Runescape gives you the 6-hour automatic log out message ("In 5 minutes you're going to be logged out") to re-start the automatic log-out timer.
  16. don't use free scripts. don't use premium scripts that don't have recent actualizations. don't use proxies and don't buy fresh accounts that just finished tutorial island
  17. Bot has issues to change to secondary weapons for special attack. When the SPEC bar gets to the % required for the special attack of the secondary weapon, it tries to change weapons but fails several times, changing both weapons over and over again in fight while trying to click on the spec icon.
  18. its not strange. agility shortcuts/courses are the most flagged areas in runescape. which is strange is that some people manage to make 100M exp suicide botting non-stop while others get banned after 40 mins of running the same script. there must be an explanation for this huge ambivalence.
  19. realidadk2

    nightmare Zone

    avoid magic and ranged bosses. also shitty bosses such as dagannoth mother
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