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  1. BottingMyMain


    Don't think they will approve your appeal a second time.
  2. I might have read it incorrectly, but botting and playing legit on 2 different IP's looks very risky,
  3. I see you reopend your request for the issue about 3 weeks ago. Does this mean it was working before this time or did it actually never work?
  4. Are they going to fix it any time soon? Is the open beta client capable of running it? EDIT: nevermind I should have read the posts above.
  5. it doesn't find the ticket dispenser in brimhaven agility course. Is this a problem with the script or do I need to use the beta version of tribot?
  6. 1) It takes time for jagex to monitor an account and to find out if it is botting. 2) It doesn't take time to find out that you're using a 3rd party client. 3) Use looking glass!
  7. Ofcourse they're not responding to this and never will.
  8. I've tried to run Runelite with Tribots LG and it didn't work. Runelite only works with the latest JDK version of Java while Tribot only works with JDK 1.8.0_102. I tried installing both JDK 14 (to run Runelite) and JDK 1.8.0_102 (to run Tribot) but that didn't work either. Any help?
  9. When dropping the inventory I personally spam my mousebutton to make sure I don't miss any ores. Also, can you add the crystal pickaxe?
  10. @Aropupu Is it possible to add spamclick dropping when the invenstory is full?
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