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  1. yes, i scammed you cunts. Declan33 returns, Declan77 returns, Doge W returns, I am Zlatan returns, Saviour Zlatan returns, Ronaldo 7 returns, Kalvin.trades returns, chick returns, buttons8886 returns, doge.tb returns, clipper retuns, condom.user returns off you i've made 700m 07 by scamming 300m from sythe and more from other sites (all 07 gp) ty idiots brb on vpn when i cba warning: i have an accoun twith 100+ Feebdack tehehhehehe gl fiunding me
  2. buying 60m 07 for $2.2 per mill Skype - Brock.Lesnar123
  3. They're good but boring to use imo
  4. I think you can do this on OsBuddy?
  5. Think you have to wait and be patient.
  6. Buy vip and you can bot unlimited otherwise it stays 2 hours every 3 days
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