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  1. Hey man this is an aboslutely amazing script!!!!!! But could you make a signiture thing like your other scripts i that would really love that to show off (this would abvertise for you too) and also put it all in perspective.
  2. does this support making chocolate cake? if not its a very simple activity it just needs you to combine chocolate and cake
  3. Does this script support making clock work as it is a really good crafting money maker.
  4. Hey man awesome looking script but i have 2 questions before i buy it does it have a progressive mode that will switch methods at certain levels and dont worry if this is too hard but could you make a 1 or 2 week auth as i just want to try it and see.
  5. if you still need some beta testers i know a guy ;0 if you give me access to this script i will give the most indepth bug reports, i will try every feature and try and mess around with everything in hopes to find a juicy bug. anyway good luck scripting my man
  6. Super hyped for this any updates on when it will be released like in 2 months or so or?
  7. Great script man but i found im only really using the motherload mine part so is there away you can make that a seperate script avalible as i cant really afford the whole thing but i would 100% buy another auth if i could pay less just for the mlm part.
  8. Great script runs without bugs but i feel like it does some unnecessary things that slow it down like it how it refill the water as it puts the ore on runs all the way back to the water then collects ores instead of while running to the ore thing filling up and it also sometimes miss clicks even though i have set it to walk one tile away. plus im only getting 100k/hr doing steel bars with coal bag with fast mouse movement and everything.
  9. Hey man love the script is working perfectly so far but what is the mouse speed out of is it 1 to 10?
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