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  1. could somebody explain what the new break handler means? i set my breaks up like normal, but instead of 'once' or 'repeat' it gives the options 'break basis: Start script, previous break, system time' I just want it to repeat my break. ive got it set to bot for 1-3hrs, and break for x amount of time. which one do i choose to have it loop my break?
  2. [2020-07-04 11:20:58] An error has occurred: null [2020-07-04 11:20:58] java.lang.NullPointerException: null [2020-07-04 11:20:58] at obf.nq.(md:60) [2020-07-04 11:20:58] at obf.j.start(lm:1006) [2020-07-04 11:20:58] at obf.qx.zI(im:245) [2020-07-04 11:20:58] at obf.fr.im(um:393) [2020-07-04 11:20:58] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) above is my error message. im trying to start 'aminer' which ive been running daily for months. it start if i just hit start script. But if i try to cofigure my account/breaks with it it gives me this error. And im trying every script in my collection, none of them work,.
  3. plan on getting your account banned, make a new account you dont care much about and use that. nobody gives out their methods either, so find some on your own.
  4. i would recommend going to the website that you are trying to contact, instead of an unaffiliated website that has nothing to do with them,
  5. Request: Bulk account creator and tutorial island finisher Description: creates accounts automatically, saves the info to a word file, does tutorial island. Payment Amount: 250-500+$ Time: any amount of time Additional: Leetikus#1337 is my discord, message me and we can talk about it. willing to pay in osrsgp or BTC
  6. everbody! Use 'console mode' and it works.
  7. Request: Demonic gorillas. Description: Kills demonic gorillas, banks, repeats. Payment Amount: Up to 1500$ more if needed. Time: whenever possible. Additional: would prefer a well known scripter, and good antiban implemented, ex: random wait times, random paths, possibly world hops, afk options every so often(mouse off screen)
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