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  1. ranker

    Just Tempoross

    I found one error. When the game start the script sometimes click in the other plataform and run all the way , loses run energy and stay doing nothing because the script cant see no spot to fish.
  2. ranker

    Just Tempoross

    no other debug. its happens all time. do i need to zoom it out ? i have to baby sit it. im using LG with osbuddy. edit: this script is broken man . 3 games in 1 hour.
  3. ranker

    Just Tempoross

    i was in the middle of the rope doing nothing while tempoross was vulnerable. the debug is only this : [17:07:22] Task: Shooting [17:07:29] Server Message: Tempoross is vulnerable! look the interval between actions : [17:13:06] Task: Cooking [17:18:44] Task: Fishing - script stoped (doing nothing) [17:19:28] Server Message: You start harpooning fish. -> i did this action manually. When i do a manually action the script stops. my english is bad. sry
  4. ranker

    Just Tempoross

    im getting 8 games por hours , its failing too much yet. The script stop and do nothing sometimes and loses the round.
  5. ranker

    Just Tempoross

    great work man!!
  6. ranker

    Just Tempoross

    finalllyyyy ty bro
  7. Tempoross bot, blood runes and soul rune bots. I cant understand y this rc bots isnt available.
  8. I think is necessary a tempross boss script and a blood and soul runes script.
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