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  1. the LG of the version 10 is working , is it safe like version 11 ?
  2. Its not back , lg is not working...
  3. i checked it , ands works fine , but im 99 agility and getting only 50 books per hour.
  4. working good with LG now ?
  5. Is this a java problem ? I only can use the version 11.0.2 .
  6. It cant work anymore
  7. yep. And sometimes , when there is only 1 flying fish and one normal , its clicks on the flying one.
  8. Sry for my bad enghish. But , when there are 2 broken spots the script choose one , while everyone stop catch minnows. And sometimes the script rune away to other spot and go back to the broken one. OK?
  9. The script fish the broken spot when its crash in minnows . Anyone can indentify thats a bot .
  10. Noo man . we need it . I cant use it yet ... but i will. make it premium...
  11. woot , its works for Ultimate iroman ? I mean , if i can run the script without use bank.. and could u add a better price for 1 instance ? i only play with one account.
  12. u dont use LG , so u get banned
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