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  1. 7m range exp in 3 days. Botting 16 hours a day, no breaks. Testing my luck. Don't mind if I get banned. Will update when I'm 99hp. UPDATE: 96-99HP & 12M Ranged exp in just under 6 days. I had a 2 day ban before botting this, IP was definitely flagged and I botted 18+ hours a day. This bot has a very low ban rate. Thanks Mate!
  2. Script is perfect! Is there anyway I can make the script prioritize rock cake eating when it hits 2hp. I know AFK'ing helps the bot look legit, but my hp is sitting 2-3 majority of the time and I feel like I would last twice as long if the bot would eat a rock cake 1-3 seconds after my hp goes up from 1 to 2. Cheers!
  3. Botted for around 4 days from 54-70 agility and got a 2 day ban. Botted maximum 6 hours a day, with an hour game play and 15 minute randomized breaks. Wasn't using looking glass, so that could also have been a problem. Never been banned on this IP as it's my work IP. Although there was a lot of changing of IP's as I move with work, so maybe that was what they found suspicious. Still happy with knocking out 70 agility, would have liked to smash it through to 90+ but ah well.
  4. Another maxed pure! Botting 17hr+ days with no breaks. I think jagex bot detection are on vacation haha. Thanks Erick
  5. I've come back to my bot about 4 times now logged out after about an hour using a script and its trying to log in. The bot has turned off and my username is typed in about 10 times and its tried to type my password in multiple times too. Is this a client bug? Thanks
  6. This is the message I'm getting after mid day each day. I'm getting around 12 hour proggies, but it seems to stop at the same time each time. [12:26:36] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message: 0 [12:26:38] Script Ended: ExNightMareZone.
  7. LG is still having problems. I am using the Nightmare Zone script and it's not detecting anything in the bank.
  8. [11:45:40] Starting client. [11:48:07] Downloading script 'ExNightMareZone'. [11:48:17] Script Started: ExNightMareZone. [11:48:18] 389 [11:48:19] Verison 1.717 [11:48:19] Withdrawing potions fixed [11:48:34] 8 [11:48:41] Detected Mithril dart as dart ammo [11:48:44] we are sleeping for: 1796 [11:48:58] we are sleeping for: 2379 I ended quite quickly. Was working fine up until the latest RS update. Using LG with Osbuddy. Banking still isn't working. Opens bank, doesn't detect anything and closes.
  9. I'm having an issue with the login bot at the 6 hour time-out. I'm sure you're bot has nothing to do with the login bot, but not sure where to ask. Is anyone else having this problem OR can you hit me up on whats going wrong ericko?
  10. I want to buy credits for VIP Extended for 07GP. Please comment or PM me. Cheers
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